Green vegetable growing technology

The cultivation of green vegetables is the adoption of comprehensive technical measures to prevent diseases, and to create ecological conditions conducive to the growth of vegetables that are not conducive to the occurrence of diseases and insect pests. Scientifically select high-efficiency, low-toxicity, low-residue chemical pesticides to reduce the pesticide residues in vegetables. National standards must adopt the following five measures in the pollution-free cultivation process.

First, put a good seed off: to use high-quality, high-yield, precocious, resistant to pests and diseases of vegetable varieties.

Second, the preparation before the good sowing: 1, before sowing or planting, should be exterminated plough tillage, exposure to the soil, in addition to the net residual roots and leaves, eliminate the residual soil bacteria and insect sources. 2, do a good job in seed processing: use warm water soaking, that is, with a temperature of 55 degrees, soaking 40 to 15 minutes, you can kill the seeds attached to the surface of the bacteria.

Third, the good cultivation management: 1, as far as possible the use of new technologies and new achievements at home and abroad. Such as nutrition seedlings nursery, factory nursery, tissue culture, grafting, drip irrigation, mulching and so on. From the cultivation of strong seedlings to increase interference with pests and diseases. 2, a reasonable intercropping intercropping, according to different vegetable varieties of light, moisture, fertilizer, different requirements, can adopt high and short three-dimensional planting. Three-dimensional planting of different vegetable varieties, three-dimensional planting of vegetables and edible fungi. 3, strengthen management, and time seedlings Dingmiao, pruning cultivator weeding, removal of diseased plants, control of pest transmission.

Fourth, the good fertilization off: 1, base fertilizer should be dominated by organic fertilizers, and to fully decomposed to reduce the introduction of pathogenic bacteria and eggs. 2. Top dressing should be based on decomposed feces and urine, supplemented by multiple compound fertilizers to prevent excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer leading to leggy. 3, the rational use of hormones and trace elements, in strict accordance with the label instructions the use of concentration and dosage to prevent overdose caused by phytotoxicity.

Fifth, make a good prevention and control. In terms of prevention and control, “based on physics and ecological methods, biological pesticides are at the forefront, indigenous pesticides are supporting actors, and high-efficiency and low-toxicity residual chemical pesticides are helpful, and highly toxic pesticides are not applied to fields.”

1, using ecological law to prevent disease. Application of temperature control, temperature regulation, high temperature antibacterial and other ecological management techniques.

2, using physical methods to eliminate Cordyceps. The use of black light or sugar, vinegar, wine mixed with a small amount of drugs to kill pests; to cover the insect network, the pests refuse to the outside, you can significantly reduce the dependence on chemical pesticides. Silver-gray shading nets are covered to avoid wing flaps, and blue membranes can better prevent weeds.

3, vigorously promote biological pesticides and plant pesticides. The BT emulsion was used to control Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella, and Pterocarya falciparum, and Nongkang 120 was used to control anthracnose and blight of cucumber, and streptomycin was used to control bacterial keratoses, Chinese cabbage soft rot and black rot. Use attenuated vaccines to control cucumber and solanine virus diseases; use dingycin to control bacterial wilt and root rot; use ET-107 acarids to control aphids, use Liuyangmycin to control red spiders, and use EM as a base fertilizer. , can improve the physicochemical properties of soil and effectively avoid some devastating diseases. Soaking seeds with EM has the effect of significantly promoting seed germination. If EM spray fertilizer is applied to diseases caused by Botrytis cinerea, better control effect can be achieved. There are also new types of vegetable pesticides nuclear polyhedrosis killer, but also opened up a broad prospect for the production of pollution-free vegetables.

4. Scientific use of chemical pesticides. Must strictly implement the "Pesticide Management Regulations" and "Pesticide Safety Interval Regulations", the use of DDT, methamidophos, methyl isophosphorus and other highly toxic high residue pesticides is strictly prohibited.

5. Do a good job in predicting and forecasting pests and diseases, prevent and control them in time, and reduce the dosage and usage times of pesticides.

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