Double layer culture shaker

ZP-96 large-capacity shaker (bottle shaker) is a new generation double-layer large-capacity shaker developed on the basis of ZP-42. This machine adopts five sets of eccentric transmission system and is equipped with digital speed control system. It has the characteristics of large capacity, stable rotation speed and obvious oscillation effect. It is a good equipment for the cultivation of microorganisms and strains.

â—† Technical parameters:

1. Amplitude: 50 mm , eccentricity: 25 mm, convoluted.

2. Capacity: 250 ml × 96/500 ml × 60/   750 ml × 40 (shake flask), double layer.

3, speed: start ~ 300 rpm , stepless adjustable, speed digital display (speed is gradually increased).

4 , Dimensions: 850 × 650 × 850 mm .

5, motor power: 200W, 48V; machine weight: 250Kg.

6, power: AC220V ± 10%, 50H z .

â—† Features:

1. Material selection: The outer casing of the outer casing is 1.2 mm , the lower casing is treated by a 2.0 mm cold plate electrostatic spray, and the bottom plate is made of a high-thickness cold plate of 8 mm to ensure smooth operation of the machine. The universal tray is made of 3mm high-quality stainless steel. The bottle holder is made of stainless steel with one-time forming (standard die once die processing), and the whole machine looks beautiful.

2 , the core and the transmission: the bearing is made of domestic good bearing (Ha-axis company, the price is 4-7 times of the ordinary bearing), to ensure that there will be no quality problems within five years under normal conditions; the transmission adopts five sets of eccentricity Transmission, the speed is much smoother than the three sets of eccentricity commonly used by other domestic manufacturers.

3, reinforcing the machine: it is important, not only with the machine reinforcing means base (lower base, reduced weight and center of gravity to improve its stability), but also each of the feet to be added to the rubber shock pad fixed Double insurance to prevent vibration and deflection generated when the machine is running, and to reduce machine noise.

4 , using a horizontal model, the appearance is beautiful and generous.

5 , with 250ml triangle bottle holder and tray set, 500, 750ml bottle holder and tray as an option, users can replace it according to actual needs.

Another motor we use is a disc type permanent magnet DC motor. The motor has the characteristics of large torque, no noise, stable rotation speed, low energy consumption and environmental protection. The performance is better than AC motor.

The above is a fine match, the shaker is the main product of our company, the technology is quite mature, and the quality can be trusted!

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