Wheat seedling pest control

Under normal circumstances, about 15 days after wheat is sown, the wheat seedlings are basically grown. It is very critical how to protect the wheat seedlings in the future. I recommend several methods for controlling wheat seedling pests and diseases.

Wheat rust disease 15 to 20 days after the emergence of wheat, the wheat field with the disease conditions was selected for investigation. When the diseased leaf rate reached 10%, and when the temperature in autumn was high and the rainfall was high, the fruit pods or triadimefon was sprayed immediately for prevention and treatment. 12.5 per gram of wet fruit powder with 15 to 20 grams of WP or 15% of triadimefon 75 grams of water to spray 50 kilograms of water, found a piece of defense, found a piece of anti-.

Wheat sharp eyespot occurs from wheat seedling stage to heading stage. The symptoms of the seedling stage are mainly in the underground part. After emergence, the underground stems of wheat are damaged, brown spots or oval lesions appear, and upward development is achieved. 20% triadonine WP 75 g or 20% Jinggangmycin 40 g per acre. 50 kg of water can be sprayed on the ridge.

Wheat whole rot disease pathogens of wheat full-bleeding disease can be impregnated in wheat seedling stage, 20 to 30 days after emergence is the peak of dipping. For the land where the whole wheat rot had occurred in the past, use 12.5% ​​of wolfberry fruit wet powder 15 to 20 grams or 20% of powder rustin cream 120 to 200 milliliters of water and 40 to 50 kilograms of water per mu. Reduce the incidence of wheat ear stage.

Wheat buckwheat can also cause wheat yellow dwarf disease, in addition to direct damage caused by wheat production. When the planting rate exceeds 5% and 100 plantings are about 10, chemical control should be carried out. Each acre with a net 25 ml or 20 grams of a large hero or imidacloprid 20 g of water 40 to 50 kg, Shun Ridge can be sprayed, and can also be treated wheat spider mite.

The underground pests of wheat pests in the seedling stage of soil pests are mainly three species of earthworms, cockroaches and golden needles. It has been observed that when maggots are harmed, the young seedlings of the young wheat seedlings are unkempt and the fractures are not neat; when the maggots are harmed, the rhizomes of the wheat seedlings are snapped and the fractures are neat; the golden worms are eager to eat the stems of the wheat and the damaged parts are in a mess, But the skin is still connected. By carefully observing the damages of the wheat seedlings, it is possible to determine what kind of underground pests the wheat field has emerged. A representative plot survey was selected 30 days after the emergence of wheat, and when the rate of dead seedling reached 3%, the pesticide application was immediately prevented. Wear the enemy's poisonous insect cake: Use 90% crystals of trichlorfon 75 grams per acre, first turn it off with warm water, add water to 1.5 kilograms, mix the 10 kg of sesame cake that has been crushed and sauteed. Or rapeseed cake, stuffy for 4 to 6 hours, served as a poison cake. Use maggots to put poison baits on wheat fields. This method extermination effect of up to 95%. Sprinkle poisonous soil: Use 2% methyl isofluosal powder per acre to mix 30 to 40 kilograms of finely ground soil. Mix well and apply to a wheat ridge in a ditch, which can effectively prevent the damage of earthworms and golden needles. Sprinkling medicine: For the plots that are damaged by spotting, 40% methyl isofluosal or 50% phoxim 0.5% water to 60-75 kg per mu can be used. Worms have special effects.

Insects and cockroaches In recent years, the occurrence of these two types of pests is very large, often endangering early sowing of wheat seedlings, can use 90% crystals of trichlorfon 75 grams per acre, first with hot water and then add water to 1.5 kg, spray mixing has been crushed Sauteed wheat bran 5 ~ 7 kg, dubbed poison bait, Shun sway trapping and killing, the effect is very good.

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