Five fertilizers to pay attention to vegetable fertilizer

I. Concentration: Appropriate concentration of trace fertilizer can receive good results, and high concentration is not only unhelpful but harmful. Normally, the concentration is 0.05-0.25% of boric acid or borax, 0.02-0.05% of ammonium molybdate, and 0.01-0.02% of copper sulfate. If high concentration is required, it should not exceed 20% of the specified concentration. If the prescribed concentration is 1%, the maximum concentration cannot exceed 1.2%.

Second, the time: In order to reduce the loss of trace fertilizer in the spraying process, the best choice for cloudy spraying, sunny days should be sprayed in the evening, in order to extend the moisturizing time of the fertilizer solution on the crop stems and leaves as much as possible in order to facilitate absorption. .

Third, the amount: the amount of trace elements required for vegetables is very small, and a variety of trace elements ranging from the lack of excess to the critical range is too small, a slight lack or excess may cause harm. Generally, 40-75 kilograms of fertilizer solution per acre is sprayed, which can make the stems and leaves of vegetables evenly wet, and avoid repeated application.

Fourth, the number of times: According to the growth and development of vegetables, generally 2-4 times.

5. Mixed spray: Reasonable mixing and spraying between trace fertilizers or mixed spraying with other fertilizers or pesticides may play a role of “one injection and multiple effects”, but it is necessary to clarify the physical and chemical properties of fertilizers and pesticides to prevent chemical reactions. And reduce fertilizer (drug) effect.

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