Identification and Prevention of Soybean Root Rot Disease

Soybean root rot mainly occurs at the seedling stage. The main root of the diseased seedling and the base of the stem on the ground form a red-brown, slightly sunken lesion, and the cortex is cracked and ulcerated. When the seedlings are severely damaged, the base of the stem becomes brown and shrunk to death. When the young plants are seriously damaged, the plants turn yellow and the growth is slow and short. Soybean root rot pathogens in winter in the soil, when the seedlings are rainy, the ground temperature is low, the soil moisture is high or the terrain is low, drainage is poor, and the soil viscosity is heavy. Severe onset of the sickness is serious. Soybeans grown on high sorghum are also seriously affected. The pathogen also infects crops such as sugar beet, sorghum, eggplant, and tobacco.

Control methods: Seed coating with pesticides, can be used in the "Soybean micro-complex fertilizer" seed dressing package developed by Heilongjiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences plant protection (see the instructions for use), can also be used 50% thiram WP or more than 50% Diclosporin wettable powder, seed dressing according to 0.5% of the seed amount.

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