What are the requirements of the automatic labeling machine for the label?

General automatic labeling machines have requirements for labels:

(1) Surface material. The stiffness of the label is the key to the bidding. Therefore, the strength and hardness of the surface material are required. The stiffness of the label is related to the thickness of the material and the area of ​​the label. Therefore, when using a soft film material, the thickness should be appropriately increased. Controlled at 100 μm or more. Thin paper-based materials, such as 60~70g/m2 labeling paper, are generally not suitable for large labels, but are suitable for processing into small labels, such as price labels used on price guns. The poor stiffness of the label will result in no labeling when labeling, or the label will be re-rolled with the liner to invalidate the automatic labeling.

(2) Release force. Also called the peeling force, it is the force when the label is separated from the bottom paper. The release force is related to the type and thickness of the adhesive and the silicon coating on the surface of the liner, as well as the ambient temperature at the time of labeling. The release force is too small, the label is easy to drop the label during the conveying process (out of the bottom paper); the release force is too large, the label is difficult to get out of the bottom paper, and the label cannot be produced. All technical indicators should be comprehensively controlled so that the release force is within a reasonable range.

(3) Base paper. It is also an important indicator for controlling automatic labeling. It is required that the surface of the bottom paper is coated with uniform silicon and the release force is consistent; the thickness is uniform, and the tensile strength is good, so as to ensure that the label is not broken; the thickness is uniform, and the light transmittance is good, so that the sensor correctly recognizes the position of the label.

(4) Processing quality. It is required that both sides of the bottom paper are flat and have no break after slitting, so as to avoid breakage of the bottom paper when the tension changes. During die cutting, it is necessary to avoid cutting through the bottom paper or destroying the silicon coating layer. The bottom paper and the silicon coating layer are damaged. The bottom paper is broken or the adhesive in the label penetrates into the bottom paper, and the paper is not marked and the bottom paper is peeled off. . In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the static electricity in the web label before labeling, because static electricity will cause the label to be unmarked or inaccurate.

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