Pregnant sheep must be fed in time in winter

In winter, the weather is cold, the grass is rough, and the flock has many difficulties. In particular, pregnant ewes not only need nutrients themselves, but also the fetus needs nutrition to grow and develop. Grazing alone can not meet the nutritional needs of the sheep. The only measure is to feed the sheep with some corn, wheat, radish, etc. supplements. In winter and spring, it is necessary to properly match with forage grass, and supply it twice in the morning and evening. In the feeding of forage grasses, the method of combining first and later green varieties, and feeding fewer meals and adding them in a timely manner ensures that the sheep have sufficient, palatable, and more comprehensive feed for forage grasses. In terms of feeding amount, the amount of hay on the day should account for 6% to 8% of their own weight, and the amount of green fresh grass should account for more than 20% of their own weight. In order to increase the amount of feed, regular spraying of brackish water on forage grass can be used to make the sheep The belly is full of belly all day. In order to improve the fattening effect, the concentrate can be supplemented by 1%-2% of body weight. The formula is the ratio of fine material per 100 jins: corn 64 jins, fried beans or pancakes 15 jins, wheat bran 18 jins, salt 1 kg, 1 kg of urea, and 1 kg of Twelve Almighty Additives. Crush and mix evenly, and feed quantitatively every night. There must also be sufficient clean drinking water for the sheep. In this way, the average monthly weight gain of mutton sheep can reach 12 pounds or more, and the maximum weight can be more than 20 pounds.

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