Problems and Countermeasures in Raspberry Production

Raspberry berry is soft and juicy, with pleasant color and unique flavor. Its amino acid content is higher than that of apples and grapes. It is rich in vitamin E and selenium, and its anti-aging substance SOD (superoxide dismutase) and anti-cancer substances (decanoic acid ) The content is higher than any existing cultivated and wild fruit, its roots, stems, and leaves also have medicinal effects, and has a wide range of uses in food, medicine, makeup, health care and so on. In recent years, the market demand for raspberry has gradually increased, and the income per mu can exceed 1,000 yuan, which has become a new bright spot for farmers to increase their income. However, in the production of raspberry, there have been problems such as declining quality, pressing prices, and unstable income of farmers, which must be brought to the attention of the fruit farmers and related departments.

I. Problems in production

1. Blindly expanded planting area and deep processing capacity of the company are obviously out of balance. Since the profits of the raspberry industry were relatively good in the past few years, the enthusiasm of farmers' production has increased. There are many new growers who have not signed orders, resulting in blind expansion of raspberry planting area and raspberries. Berries are not resistant to storage, the fruit must be ripened in a timely manner, the same day of processing, and the company's deep processing capacity is limited, resulting in the fruit of the farmers who did not sign a single fruit period, no fruit acquisition, a lot of mature fruit rotten in the hands of farmers.

2. The intensity of technical guidance and development of the area is unbalanced. Raspberry is an emerging industry. The scientific research and technology promotion staff engaged in the industry are extremely scarce, and the accumulated planting management experience is not mature enough. Most farmers cannot obtain effective technical guidance. Feel the stones across the river and sum up experience and lessons from failure. The raspberry has a long growth cycle and many links. In the winter processing, drought and flood adjustment, root pests and other aspects of carelessness will cause a sharp reduction in production, or even a large area of ​​death, the farmers' total investment destroyed. 3. Unbalanced price increase of raspberry prices and labor prices Raspberry is a typical labor-intensive agricultural industry. The average fruit picking period is one job per acre per day. In the previous two years, the average price of raspberry was 8 yuan per kilogram, the labor price was about 30 yuan per day, and the farmer's profit was about 1,500 yuan. In 2010, due to corporate price reductions and market factors, raspberry prices averaged 4 yuan per kilogram, and labor prices rose to around 50 yuan per day. Farmers with high yields were slightly profitable. Farmers with low yields lost money, and some farmers had no profit. However, the remaining farmers are still watching.

Second, development measures

1. With orders and the processing capacity of an enterprise, do not blindly develop the growth cycle of raspberry for 10 to 20 years. Farmers should not only look at the immediate future, ignore long-term, blind development, and rely on enterprises to develop order agriculture. Enterprises and peasant households guarantee and constrain each other in the form of an order and jointly abide by the terms of the contract. Only in this way can we effectively avoid excessive production.

2. The technology promotion department should earnestly assume the technical guidance. The agricultural technology extension personnel should promptly guide the farmers to do a good job in raspberry production. In larger areas, there must be someone who specializes in technical guidance, and it is necessary to send responsible and motivated personnel out. Learn. Only mastering a set of mature technologies can help farmers solve their problems, ensure that farmers are not frustrated by lack of technology, and technically ensure the sustainable and stable development of the raspberry industry.

3. The market regulates prices, enterprises should not jointly lower prices The current sales market for raspberries is mainly exporters exporting fruits after primary processing to Europe. The sales volume in the domestic market is limited, thus forming an independent buyer's market for companies. The processing company can control the price of raspberry in a single combination, and farmers can only listen to it. In 2010, the minimum purchase price of raspberry was only 1.6 yuan per kilogram, which greatly dampened the enthusiasm of farmers. To stabilize the development of this industry, it is necessary to rationally adjust prices based on market demand, labor force, land, and other factors, rather than human intervention.

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