How to identify the quality of apple paper bags

Our company is one of the professional suppliers of apple bags in the Shandong region. The company's main products include: fruit bags, fruit bags, and apple bags. My company has advanced equipment and technical personnel, over the years has been committed to the production and research of apple bags, also accumulated a wealth of experience, our apple bag has strong, convenient and so on. We are guided by the concept of quality first and service first. We wholeheartedly provide every customer with high quality products and satisfactory service. Here's a brief introduction to the quality of apple paper bags.
1. Select a paper bag for the shading of the paper bag and put it on an open incandescent bulb to observe the situation where the light penetrates the paper bag. If the light penetrability is poor, it indicates that the paper bag has good light-shielding property; otherwise, the paper bag has poor light-shielding property. The quality of the shading of the paper bag determines the speed and extent of apple coloring after bag removal.
Second, the paper bag water-proof water pouring paper bag, if the water on the paper bag to form a rolling water droplets, indicating that the paper bag poor water absorption, good water resistance; if water dispersed in the paper bag, indicating that the paper bag absorbent, waterproof poor. The water resistance of the paper bag can determine the strength of the paper bag against rain erosion, determine the service life of the paper bag, and also affect the infection of saprophytic or weak parasites on the fruit. The water resistance of paper bags is often directly related to the quality of the paper. There are three methods for the identification of paper.
1. The tearing method transversely tears the paper bag, and the fluffy wood pulp paper has high strength; if the tearing hole is clean and tidy, there is less component of the straw pulp or wood pulp, and the strength is low.
2. After the fire burns, the paper is not broken and the paper is good; the paper is not shaped and the paper is poor.
3, hand rubbing paper bag soaked in water for a period of time, after removal with two hands to face, no lint or resistance to paper that is good.
Third, the air permeability of the paper bag seals the paper bag on the cup full of boiling water, and the paper surface shows that the paper bag has good permeability; if it does not show gas, it indicates that the paper bag has poor air permeability. The air permeability of paper bags affects the disease occurrence and fruit surface smoothness to different degrees.
The above is how to identify the quality of apple paper bags. I hope to help you. Our company is a professional supplier of apple bags in Shandong area. The apple bags we supply are your ideal choices. If you have any questions, welcome to inquire, or visit our company and look forward to your visit!

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