Reasonable base price of essential drugs is the true meaning of "double standard"

At present, under the guidance of the Anhui model for the basic drug bidding in each province, the “double envelope” model is mainly promoted. From the perspective of tendering trends, the requirements for bid information are getting higher and higher; the control over prices is becoming more and more obvious, and the trend of low-price winning bids has emerged, which also reflects the determination and confidence of the state to reduce drug prices. However, in the actual bidding process, the setting of the technical standard and the business standard link will inevitably lead to difficulties for the enterprise.

First of all, there are some unreasonable practices in terms of technical standards. The on-going work of basic drug bidding in Qinghai Province in 2011 has already begun. The information required for registration is "a clear copy of the "original copy of the "corporate business license" affixed with the issuing authority." The bidder is required to do so because he is concerned that the business license is forged or intended to consider the company's public relations? For bidding and tendering is an effective means to reduce drug prices, if the relevant departments do not agree with the seal and lose their qualifications to participate in bidding, this is unfair for companies that want to bid.

Furthermore, in the bidding documents, it can often be seen that the materials submitted by the requesting bidders include “tax returns printed with tax auditing regulations”, and also tossed up various production companies. Many manufacturers use various relationships and the final result is that the Inland Revenue Department has no audit chapter at all.

In addition, the province's quality standards for products are divided into ministerial standards, bureaucratic standards, and registration standards when bidding. 6 points for ministerial and bureaucratic standards and 12 points for registration standards. In the situation where the production enterprises must compete for each minute, because of the large difference in scores, the bidding companies do their best to provide relevant information. However, when the platform was audited, there were many products whose registration standards were not entered into the system, causing a joke to notify companies to change the quality standard into a ministerial or bureaucratic standard.

There are also non-counterfeit drugs such as limited time, no proof of violations, and a series of near-demanding requirements, including red-headed documents affixed with the official seal of the provincial drug regulatory authority, virtually bringing about a lot of meaningless consumption to the company. In addition, the price of basic medicines in various provinces is now approaching the cost of production. How can we reduce the intangible pressure on companies and allow the entire pharmaceutical industry to achieve healthy development? It is worth pondering.

In this proposal, whether the national competent authority can consider promoting the model of electronic monitoring codes, setting up a public website for government data, and recording the enterprise information and product information required for bidding on a dedicated website and updating it in a timely manner. The provincial bidding documents are based on provincial tenders. The direct invocation of features not only reduces the work pressure for each bid office to apply for verification of information, but also allows companies to reduce meaningless operating costs. Today's rapid development of e-commerce, this situation can still be achieved.

Second, the business standard "only low price is to take" for companies to advance and retreat. When the production company goes through all the painstakingly through the technical standard review, there is a more stringent threshold waiting for the business standard. The rule of winning the lowest price also brings great trouble to the manufacturers. Both the winning bids and the unsuccessful bids make it impossible for manufacturers to choose: whether to abandon profits to choose market shares, or whether they would rather choose profits and abandon the market share of essential drugs? After all, fish and bear's paw can not have both, the winning bid price is low, and the high price won't win the bid.

A limit price is usually given before the business bid, and some are based on the average bid prices of the surrounding areas or provinces for the most recent time. Some provinces use the lowest bid price of the company's most recent time as the price limit. This phenomenon directly led to lower bid prices in basic medicines.

The quotation of a province that has announced the result, the implementation plan shows that it is quoted in the smallest formulation unit, and the manufacturer quotes the minimum formulation unit according to the general principle of poor parity, but the platform's package differential price conversion is not in accordance with the “Drug Bad parity rule ( "Trial Implementation"" is the spirit of the establishment of standards, but the smallest unit of conversion for poor parity. This kind of difference is more significant than the conversion. Throughout the results of the successful bid, the 1,000-packaging package was significantly lower than the 100-packaging package by 8.1%. This algorithm, which directly quotes the minimum formulation unit price multiplied by the conversion factor, has caused many companies that have passed the technology standard to lose money. It has also resulted in the winning of some products. The price is lower.

The basic drug bidding in various provinces has been in full swing, and the formulation of bids has become more and more bizarre. The bidding work itself is interlocking, and each link has its own attributes. Any problem in any link can become a big problem that cannot be managed. We hope that we can consider the development of the entire pharmaceutical industry and ultimately give a reasonable bid price, so that companies can really make a reasonable profit for technological innovation and new product research and development to promote the healthy development of domestic pharmaceutical companies.

Can the competent national authority consider promoting the model of e-Custody Codes, set up a public website for government data, and record the corporate information and product information required for bidding on a dedicated website and update it in a timely manner.

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