Identification of Grape Varieties in Shanxi Province - Nucleus-free Tsui

Validation No.: Jin Juguo (recognized) 2011001

Application Unit: Institute of Pomology, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Breeding Unit: Institute of Pomology, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Variety source: gem/nuclear white chicken heart

Characteristics: It is an early-mature and seedless variety of Eurasian species. It takes about 115 days to fully mature from the bud. Shear pruning plant height 180 cm, shelving pruning plant height 300 ~ 400 cm; new shoots yellowish green with purple, with sparse hair; young leaves pale purple, shiny, sparsely erect villi hairy leaves, leaf mask sparse hair; The first section of the new shoot must be placed in position 7 of the new shoot. The tendrils should be spaced and single-branched. The first inflorescence should be born in the fourth quarter, the second inflorescence in the fifth, and the third inflorescence. Born on the 7th; new shoots begin to mature in mid-July. When annual branches ripen, the interjunction color is light yellow and the festival is brown-red. The average length between the nodes is 7.6 cm, the longest is 10.5 cm, the shortest is 4.5 cm; the leaves are nearly round, green, flat, medium-sized, medium-thick, five-cleft, Upper and lower fissures are deeply engraved, petioles are narrowly arched, leaf margins are serrated, leaf surfaces are fuzz-free, smooth, sparsely rigid villi on the abaxial surface of the leaves, and moderate anthocyanin coloration of the veins; winter bud anthocyanin coloration on annual branches during the growing season Medium in size; Flowers are bisexual flowers; Ears in the shape of a biconcave shoulder conical; Ears medium size, average length 16.6 cm, width 8.6 cm, average ear weight 345 g, maximum ear weight 570 g; fruit closely packed, uniform size The fruit is obovate, with large fruit, longitudinal diameter of 1.9cm, diameter of 1.7cm, average fruit weight of 3.6g, maximum grain weight of 5.7g; with rose aroma, sweet and sour taste, unique flavor, superior quality The peel is yellow-green and thin; the flesh is crisp and hard; the fruit is shorter and the fruit is easier to fall off; there is no seed (nucleus) or there are 1 to 2 remnants.

The growth potential was strong, and the average fruit set rate of natural pollination inflorescence was 33.6%; the germination rate was 56.0%. The results showed that branches accounted for 35.9% of the total number of germinating eyes, and the average number of inflorescences per fruiting branch was 1.46. In the Jinzhong area, the budding period is around April 15th, the flowering period is late May, the fruit coloring period begins around July 10, and the fruit matures completely in early August.

Quality Analysis: 2009 Key Laboratory of Institute of Comprehensive Utilization, Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences Analysis: soluble solids content 17.2%, monosaccharide 13.49%, disaccharide 1.31, total sugar 15.65%, total acid 0.39%, sugar to acid ratio It is 40?1.

Yield performance: in 2007, planting in Yixian, Qingxu and Datong, the average yield per mu of 865 kg at three points in 2009 was 1.8% higher than the control non-nuclear white chicken heart; the average yield per mu in 2006 was 1069.7 kg, which is better than the control-free seedless white. The heart of the chicken increased by 8.5%.

Cultivation points: Row spacing is 2.3 to 2.5 meters, plant spacing is 0.7 meters; Shelving cultivation spacing is 2.8 to 3.5 meters, plant spacing is 0.5 to 0.7 meters; V-shaped frame spacing is 2.8 to 3 meters, plant spacing is 0.5 to 0.7 meters. After the grapes were unearthed, they were watered with urea. Before and after flowering, they were treated with water and diammonium phosphate. When the fruits began to be colored, they were treated with potassium dihydrogen phosphate or potassium sulfate, and the fruits were timely applied to the organic fertilizers after harvest. The production of the variety exceeds the general level of the commodity, and it is recommended that the yield per mu should be controlled at about 1,000 kg. One week after flowering, Qibao 30ppm should be used to increase the size of the fruit. Before fruit coloring (Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, early June), the ear should be rearranged and bagged. Before the fruit bagging, "Fuxing" and "Shijiale" were sprayed to prevent fruit white rot and gray mold.

Appropriate area: suitable for planting in Shanxi Province.

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