Staged tube for good rams

The basic requirement of the ram is that the physique is strong, not fat or thin, energetic, strong sexual desire, and good semen quality.

The quantity and quality of ram semen depends on the full price of the diet and the science and rationality of feeding management. According to

Spring cabbage seedlings

Spring cabbage has the characteristics of less investment, labor saving and high output in production. Growing cabbage in the spring can be very economical. Right now, the spring cabbage breeding season again, below, introduce the relevant technical points.

Choose a variety. Early

Deep processing of eggplant

Multi-flavored eggplant slices Fresh eggplants are stalked, washed, and cut into slices. The ratio of 16 kilograms of salt per 100 kilograms of eggplant slices is used to spread a layer of salt in the jar. After the cylinder is full, add the salt water with a concentration of 16% to submer

Jujube deep processing comprehensive utilization technology

Ginger has a cold, warm, anti-emetic and other effects, and with red dates with food, can play a stomach and tranquilizer, cold and antiemetic, fitness and disease prevention role.

[process flow]

Ginger → Wash → Slice → Cool → Beat → Filte

Female genital itching is not necessarily vaginitis

Many women think that genital itching is vaginitis, but there are many reasons that cause female genital itching, including different types of vaginitis. Therefore, women should promptly identify the reasons for timely treatment. The causes of female genital itching are mainly the followin

How to improve rabbit hair production

1 Each rabbit feeds 1 gram of quail per day, plus 1 gram of silkworm, 2.5 milligrams of sulphur, mashing, and feeding in the feed. The amount of wool produced can be increased by 10% to 20%. 2 Every rabbit feeds 60 to 80 grams of leeks every day, once a day, or soaks soybeans with appropriate

Feeding Tenebrio Notes

Tenebrio molitor is a high-protein insect that can be used as a live bait for jaundice. The precautions for feeding Tenebrio are as follows:

First, in hot summer days, the temperature is high, the water is easy to evaporate, and appropriate amount of fresh water (well water or tap

Ovarian tumor disease factors and prevention

The pathogenesis of ovarian cancer is unclear, but environmental and endocrine effects are the most important factors in the pathogenesis of ovarian cancer. According to its epidemiological and etiological surveys, its risk factors and high-risk groups are:

(1) Environmental factor

Mothers away from insomnia four small remedies

Mothers during the special period of pregnancy are mentally and psychologically sensitive. As a result, stress tolerance is reduced. Usually, the mood is not stable, and depression and insomnia often occur.

It is generally believed that the change in mood during pregnancy is due to

How to prevent wheat scab

Wheat scab is a fungal disease that mainly affects wheat ears. The pathogenic bacteria infecting wheat during the flowering period caused some spikelets to die, some in the middle and some in the upper part, which is related to the flowering habit of wheat. In case of wet weather, it can s

Cow breeding techniques

First, the general feeding technology of dairy cows

1. Feeding times: Three times a day, each interval is approximately equal, at least 7 hours, and high-yielding dairy cows with a daily milk output of over 50 kg can be fed once.

2, feeding method: first coarse after the fi