Pregnant sheep must be fed in time in winter

In winter, the weather is cold, the grass is rough, and the flock has many difficulties. In particular, pregnant ewes not only need nutrients themselves, but also the fetus needs nutrition to grow and develop. Grazing alone can not meet the nutritional needs of the sheep. The only measure

Problems and Countermeasures in Raspberry Production

Raspberry berry is soft and juicy, with pleasant color and unique flavor. Its amino acid content is higher than that of apples and grapes. It is rich in vitamin E and selenium, and its anti-aging substance SOD (superoxide dismutase) and anti-cancer substances (decanoic acid ) The content i

What are the requirements of the automatic labeling machine for the label?

General automatic labeling machines have requirements for labels:

(1) Surface material. The stiffness of the label is the key to the bidding. Therefore, the strength and hardness of the surface material are required. The stiffness of the label is related to the thickness of the materia

Eating fruits of these colors can throw oil


The orange representative fruits are lemon, mango, orange, papaya, persimmon, pineapple, orange, etc. They all contain natural antioxidant β-carotene.

This is by far the most effective ingredient for preventing viral activity and can improve the body's immune

Non-pollution Cultivation Techniques of Green Grape

The genus Perennial deciduous vines of the genus Vitis are the European and Asian species of the genus. They are native to the United States. They are also known as seedless Thomsons. They have large ears, single ear weight, large grains, single fruit weight, thin skin, green color, and cr

The best health plan for pig farms

Prenatal and postnatal health care programs for sows

In order to prevent sows from transmitting too much pathogenic bacteria to piglets during litter and lactation, a certain amount of antibiotics or sulfonamides, such as doxycycline, must be added to the feed from the 7 days befor

How to identify the quality of apple paper bags

Our company is one of the professional suppliers of apple bags in the Shandong region. The company's main products include: fruit bags, fruit bags, and apple bags. My company has advanced equipment and technical personnel, over the years has been committed to the production and researc

How to use paclobutrazol in lawn

In the management of the lawn, in order to save on the cost of cutting grass, in addition to the use of mechanical cutting grass, plant growth regulators can also be used to control the growth of the lawn. For example, using a variety of plant growth regulators, such as paclobutrazol, on l

How to prevent tomato "flower face"

Tomato “flower face” not only does not look beautiful, but also affects quality, yield and benefits. The reasons for the formation of tomato "face" and prevention are as follows:

First, prevention by species selection. The tomato "flower face" is rel

Prevention and Control of Pleurotus Virus Disease

Pleurotus ostreatus virus disease is an important disease of Pleurotus ostreatus, which occurs widely throughout the country and can cause significant reduction in production. It is a disease caused by viruses whose pathogens are spherical virus particles. Pleurotus ostreatus has no ob

Feeding and Management Technology of Fish Feed in Summer

Feeding and Management Technology of Fish Feed in Summer

Feed is an important input in aquaculture production. The quality of feed and the rationality of feed feeding technology are important factors affecting aquaculture performance and environmental and ecological benefits. Durin

It is important to raise sheep in the winter to strengthen management

Due to the gradual cold weather, grasses decreased, grass quality deteriorated, and nutrition decreased. Many farmer-raised sheep become skinny. In order to protect the sheep, the following key points should be grasped.

Reasonable grazing

After entering the winter, some col