Jam processing process and equipment

The process flow of jam processing is as follows: fruit disinfection → transport → cutting flowers → washing fruit → beating → precooking → vacuum concentration → canning → sterilization → finished products. The single machine equi

Blue fox's efficient culture method

1. Introduce fine varieties

The purchased male and female foxes should have the characteristics of large size, long fur, good adaptability, high birth weight, fast growth, and strong resistance to disease. At the end of each year, the species of male and female foxes will be caref

Spring rape high-yielding cultivation techniques

1, species selection. Use varieties with fast growth, strong cold resistance, good quality, and convulsions.
2, soil fertigation. For every 667 square meters of farmland fertilizer, 4000-5000 kg, the sandy loam soil with loose soil and fertile soil is selected. Turn the ground 20-25 centi

Orchard Winter Management Technology

At present, fruit trees have entered the dormant season and they should seize the opportunity to do a good job of orchard winter tubes. First, clean up the orchard. Completely remove the litter in the orchard, pick up the net drop, and shovel the net weeds. And it is focused on incineration or

Cultivation of pollution-free Garlic Yellow in winter

Garlic is a popular “no pollution” vegetable in winter. It is based on the growth of nutrients stored in garlic, golden and tender, can make a variety of delicious food, produce garlic yellow, no fertilizer, as long as it can maintain a certain temperature, timely shading or semi-s

Early spring vegetable seedbed disease prevention

There are many diseases in the nursery bed, such as damping-off disease, blight, gray mold, anthrax, and wilt disease. The control methods are:
I. Seed Disinfection Soaking seeds with warm water of 55 degrees for 15 minutes can kill germs attached to the surface of seeds and act as germin

Hawthorn Simple Storage Technology

Hawthorn fruit is rich in nutrients and has high comprehensive utilization value. However, hawthorn fruit is small, thin, and easy to lose water, which brings many disadvantages to hawthorn processing. The use of Hawthorn's simple storage technology not only eases the sales pressure during

Moon cakes should not be eaten in excess

The Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner, and mooncakes have become a hot commodity. Moon cakes are one of the most famous Chinese traditional pastries. The Mid-Autumn Festival festivals and foods symbolize reunion and h

Piglet care tips

Piglet care is the most important part of pig production. Nursing piglets are also the most costly task for the breeder. Careful care of piglets is a technical guarantee to reduce piglet mortality and improve the economic benefits of pig production.
1. Sow farms with a certain amount

Agricultural crop cultivation mechanization technology

I. Maize Precision Broadcasting Mechanization Technology
1. Overview of mechanized technologies for spring sowing of finely seeded maize The precision seeding technique of maize is a customary term for precision seeding of whole plant spacing, precision sowing of semi-plant spacing or shr