Spectrophotometer common troubleshooting

Spectrometer troubleshooting <br> <br> during actual operation of the spectrophotometer, several typical failure prone zui: â‘  the instrument can not be zero; â‘¡ the instrument can not be adjusted "100%"; â‘¢ measurement In the middle, the "100%" point often changes; the 4 number is unstable.

Fault type: The instrument can't be zeroed. Cause: The instrument is seriously wetted by the circuit. The light door cannot be completely closed. Remedy: Open the photocell cassette, blow it off with a hair dryer for a while, and replace the desiccant; repair the light door parts to make it completely Shutdown; send repair department, overhaul circuit fault type: the instrument can not adjust "100%" light energy is insufficient Cause: cuvette holder is not seated; photoelectric conversion part is aging; circuit troubleshooting method: increase sensitivity magnification gear position, or adjust light source The position of the light. If the light source lamp turns black, it indicates that the light source lamp has aged, replace the light source lamp; adjust the cuvette holder to make it seat, replace the parts; send the repair department, repair the circuit fault type: the "100%" point often changes during the measurement process : The position of the cuvette in the cuvette holder is inconsistent, or there are droplets on its surface; Circuit troubleshooting: Wipe the surface of the cuvette with a mirror paper and place it on the left side of the cuvette Positioning with positioning clip; Sending repair department, troubleshooting circuit type: Digital unstable spectrophotometer Cause: Preheating time is not enough; Desiccant in photocell fails, micro current amplifier is damp; Photocell aging, circuit and other reasons; Light source lamp problem; improper operation; excessive environmental vibration, large air flow velocity near the light source, external strong light illumination, etc.;

Remedy: Extend the preheating time to about 30 minutes (some instruments will work unstable when they are in working condition for a long time due to aging, etc.); bake the circuit and replace or bake the desiccant; improve the working environment; replace The same photocell or repair; the light source lamp is unstable, replace the light source lamp, pay attention to prevent the bulb pollution when replacing; pay attention to the operating specifications, follow the instructions of the operating instructions.

In short, the spectrophotometer is a sophisticated analytical instrument. During its use, it should strictly abide by its operating specifications, operate correctly according to the instruction manual, and perform routine maintenance work to ensure the accuracy of the analysis results.

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