Kind of good sesame is not so simple

In recent years, the sesame market conditions have been relatively good, but the planting area has not been stable. In some years, the area has expanded more, and the area in some years has declined rapidly. This is because the output of sesame is greatly influenced by the external environment. In a good year, the income of sesame per acre is more than 1,500 yuan, and even in unfavorable years, a few hundred yuan per mu can be considered good. Although the investment in sesame seedling is small, the cycle is short (90 to 100 days), and the effect is fast, sesame growing is by no means a simple work. It is necessary to pay attention to science in order to stably increase production and income.

To choose a good variety

Some seed distributors claim that their sesame seeds produce between 400 and 500 kilograms per mu, which is completely against the actual sesame production at this stage. Farmer friends should not easily believe that from the current level of breeding, 200-250 kg of sesame seeds per mu are produced. It is good.

To select good varieties of sesame, it is necessary to select varieties with strong adaptability, stress resistance and high yield from the local climate and soil conditions. In recent years, the most adaptable sesame seeds in the market are Zhongzhi and Yuzhizhi, such as Zhongzhi No.11, Zhongzhi No.12, Yuzhi No.8, Yuzhi No.11 and Hangzhi No.1, Gods. Zhizhi 888, Fengzhi No.1 and so on. Farmers can choose suitable sesame varieties according to local conditions.

To improve drainage and irrigation conditions

Sesame likes warm, light, drought-resistent and impatience. In July 2009, due to successive storms, large areas of sesame were affected by waterlogging. Most of the farmers suffered from crop failures and suffered tragic losses. A few sesame fields with good site quality and good drainage conditions still received a good harvest. This shows that for the sesame-cultivated fields, regardless of whether the front hoe is wheat buckwheat, rapeseed pods, soybean meal or other gargles, there must be good drainage and irrigation conditions, and the facilities for irrigation and drainage should be perfected as far as possible.

At the same time, after the harvest, the former crops should be ploughed in time, finely soil-prepared, and well-beings, gutters, gutters, and drainage gutters should be opened. Only in this way can a solid foundation be laid for high yield and stability of sesame.

To good law supporting cultivation

After selecting the sesame seeds, if you want to achieve high yields and obtain high benefits, besides improving the production conditions, you must also cultivate them with good methods. One is to grab sow and sow, grabbed the sensation to grab the season; second is to apply basic fertilizer, can not be landed white, fertilizer should be applied phosphorus, potash fertilizer, with appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer should be applied per acre, potash fertilizer 15 ~20 kg, about 3 kg of urea at the seedling stage, about 10 kg of urea at the bud stage; the third is reasonable close planting, the density of 9,000 to 10,000 plants per mu, and the density of 8000 plants per mu; and the fourth is to prevent pests and diseases. The main diseases and pests are stem blight, small ground tiger and beet armyworm and so on.

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