Slow meat sheep meat to improve

The average broiler sheep, 12 months old, weighs only 15 kg and grows very slowly. The main reasons are: First, due to inbreeding, physical deterioration; Second, do not pay attention to deworming, parasites consume a lot of meat sheep nutrition; Third, there is no scientific feed, can not meet the nutritional needs of sheep growth. To increase the growth rate of mutton sheep, the following technical measures must be taken:

Dispel the parasite with highly effective anthelmintic drug levamisole, 8 mg/kg body weight, dissolve with water, prepare a 5% aqueous solution for intramuscular injection, and can dispel various nematodes and roundworms in the sheep; meanwhile, use dichlorophenol sulfate. , 80 milligrams per kilogram of body weight, add a little flour, watered 250 ml, fasting fed before feeding, or with albendazole, 15 mg per kilogram of body weight watered, can drive out liver fluke and locusts, guarantee Physiological function during the fattening period.

The scientific formula feed now introduces two practical feed formulations: 1) corn flour 45%, rice bran 20%, bean cake 10%, rapeseed flour 15%, wheat bran 10%, and hay, allowing them to eat freely. 2. Corn flour 50%, bean cake 15%, wheat bran 20%, rice bran 15%, with the hay, let it freely feed. The above formulated feed was designed for caged sheep. For mutton sheep that are grazing in the wild during peak season, the amount of feed with the concentrate can be reduced by 50%. However, no matter how much grass is sufficient, feeding at night is still necessary. In this way, the rapid growth of fattening Boer goats can be guaranteed.

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