Pre-use adjustment of rotary cultivator

1, level adjustment. Remove the cultivator from the ground and check whether the height of the knife tip at the left and right ends is the same as the height of the blade. You can adjust it with the right lifting lever.

2, before and after horizontal adjustment. First, the rotary tiller is lowered to the required tillage depth, and the length of the upper adjustment rod (central railing) is changed so that the intermediate transmission gearbox is in a horizontal state (or the central transmission output shaft is parallel).

3, to enhance the height adjustment. The gimbal is not inclined more than 30 degrees when it rises. In general, the tip of the knife can be turned and freed only about 20 centimeters from the ground. When working in the field, the maximum lifting position should be limited.

4, the adjustment of the performance of broken soil. Under normal circumstances, use the speed of change to adjust the performance of the soil. However, a rotary cultivator with an intermediate transmission box can also be adjusted by changing the spindle speed.

5, the adjustment of cultivation. When the unit and the tractor with powerful adjustment and position adjustment hydraulic system are used for rotary tillage operation, the position adjustment shall be used, and the use of force adjustment shall be prohibited so as not to damage the rotary tiller. After the rotary tiller reaches the required tillage depth, apply a limit screw to block the position adjustment handle so that each tillage depth is consistent.

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