How to pick up the new grapes

Take time. For the new shoots, they are generally picked up at 3-5 days before flowering, and at the latest flowering. For varieties with serious drop and fruit drop, such as Kyoho, purple rose and other varieties, they can be picked 8-10 days before flowering. After the first picking, the leaves do not reach the required number of shoots. After the shoots are grown, leave the leaves and perform the second picking on the shoots. For vegetative shoots and culture sticks, leave 12-15 leaves to pick up at once.

Picking method. Some fruit farmers only picked up the tops when they took care of the grapes. This kind of method does not achieve the effect that topping should play. Because the grape leaves grow to 1/3 of the normal leaves, the carbohydrates produced by themselves through photosynthesis are not sufficient for their own consumption, and they still need to be supplemented by nutrients produced by other leaves. Only when the leaves grow to 1/3 or more of the normal leaves, the nutrients produced have surplus nutrients to supply other organs than the leaves. Therefore, when topping, it should be grasped that the top leaves left after picking should be more than (at least equal to) 1/3 of the normal leaves. In this way, after the first picking of some varieties, there may be only 3-4 leaves before the inflorescence, but do not worry about too few leaves. The second picking is performed on the auxiliary shoots that occur on the new shoots. At this time, leave enough leaves on the auxiliary tips to pick them up. In general, a total of 12-15 leaves are left for each result.

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