How to Fertilize Chinese Cabbage

Case: Some urban residents are very dissatisfied with the quality of some cabbages sold in the market. Such cabbages are large, large in leaves, green in color, and scattered in outer leaves. For example, the Chinese cabbage planted by a farmer friend in the suburbs of Tianjin has experienced the problem of inaccurate packaging. His field management is like this. With the expansion of the planting area of ​​Chinese cabbage, no organic fertilizer can be applied at the new vegetable field. The use of chemical fertilizers to grow vegetables is all in order to achieve high yields in new vegetable fields. In the peasants, there is a saying that "nitrogen fertilizer is a long leaf, cabbage can get high yield and quality by applying more nitrogen fertilizer," so he applied a bag of urea per acre in the base fertilizer. The amount of 50 kg of urea per acre was converted into 23 kg of pure nitrogen per gram. After the cabbage was set, he had no intention of hitting a dung, but then he applied water to apply urea, which was in the seedling stage and rosette, respectively. During the period and the filling period, 5 times of urea was flushed and a total of 45 kg/mu of urea was applied. The total of five irrigations was 200. When harvesting Chinese cabbage, he estimated that the yield of Chinese cabbage was 2000 pounds/mu. From the standpoint of plant shape, the individual plants were not heavy. The Chinese cabbage had a low heart rate. The Chinese cabbage was unrealistic and was not resistant to storage.

Expert Comment: When analyzing the case, agricultural expert Cao Yiping pointed out that although Chinese cabbage is a leafy vegetable crop, it has the characteristics of high yield and need for more fertilizer. However, Chinese cabbage is not only a vegetable that requires nitrogen but does not require phosphorus and potassium. In the cultivation, only nitrogen is applied. The lack of phosphorus and potassium may cause the problem of impracticality. Partial application of nitrogen fertilizer not only yield and quality is not high, but also lead to poor package.

From the perspective of the whole growth period of Chinese cabbage, it is necessary to pass through three periods of seedling stage, rosette period and baldness period. The absorption of nutrients at the seedling stage of Chinese cabbage is small, accounting for only 10%, and the rosette period accounts for 30%. Production should be controlled during this period. Water-controlled fertilizers, especially nitrogen-controlled fertilizers, allow Chinese cabbage leaves to grow slowly. This is also known as seedling emergence. Do not allow the water to be too full to cause the leaves to grow upright and stand upright. The leaves should be made to look like rosettes. The leaves should be tightly flattened. When the ball is reached, it can be compacted, with high yields and good quality. It can be irrigated early in the rosette period. Both nitrogen and nitrogen will cause the leaves to be long, leafy and unwary

Case Tip: The fact that Chinese cabbage is untrue is due to improper management of fertilizer and water. Partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, phosphorus and potassium nutrients will lead to lack of nutrients is not true; Chinese cabbage control rosette water control period, to lay a good foundation for the heart, premature watering and nitrogen will cause the heart is not true.

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