How to maintain and maintain high and low temperature test chamber

First, the temperature and humidity of the high and low temperature test chamber are important factors affecting the performance of the instrument, which can cause the corrosion of mechanical parts, reduce the smoothness of the metal mirror surface, cause the error or performance degradation of

Celebrity Endorsement of Ten Million Fruits in Poor Counties

Recently, Shaanxi Pucheng Baishui International Pear Apple Cultural Festival was held in Pucheng County on schedule. Baishui County invited movie and television star Xu Qing to serve as Baishui Apple spokesperson, including a spokesperson’s fee, CCTV pu

Application of fat in pig raising

1, the role of oil: grease in the body of the oxidation of the energy supply is equivalent to 225 times the carbohydrate, to meet the higher energy needs of the pig, reduce amino acids into adult proteins; fat is fat-soluble vitamins and certain hormones Solvents promote the absorption and

Nursery seedlings should pay attention to several issues

Raising seedlings is the last step in cultivating seedlings. The work of raising seedlings directly affects the quality of seedlings, afforestation and establishment of plants, survival rate, growth and results after planting. When lifting, you should pay attention to the following questio

Overwintering and picking cucumbers

In late autumn, over-winter cucumbers are planted in greenhouses one after another. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night and heavy dew, the growth environment is very suitable for downy mildew and powdery mildew. Attention should be paid to prevention and control.

Food packaging must be marked with trans fatty acid content

How much trans fatty acid is in a bag of egg yolks? From January 2013, this content must be marked on the food packaging bag.

On the 2nd, the Ministry of Health issued the “General Principles of Nutrition Labeling for Prepackaged Foods” as

The mulberry garden was swiftly restored

1. Assault Drainage After mulberry field is submerged, the soil is lack of oxygen, and the root activity of mulberry tree is reduced. After the weather turns fine, the water absorption capacity of the root can't meet the transpiration of shoots in the shoot, and the mulberry leaves wil