Pre-use adjustment of rotary cultivator

1, level adjustment. Remove the cultivator from the ground and check whether the height of the knife tip at the left and right ends is the same as the height of the blade. You can adjust it with the right lifting lever.

2, before and after horizontal adjustment. First, the rotary t

Eucalyptus planting technology

The eucalyptus is a deciduous tree with a mostly red leaf in spring and a feathery green color in summer. The leaves are bright yellow, and the flowers are full of yellow trees. The membranous pericarp of the pods of fruit trees before and after the National Day expands like small lanterns

Supermarket sugar prices increased 13%

(Reporter Yang Bin) This morning, Wumart and other supermarkets received a price adjustment notice from Sugar Company: The price of various specifications of sugar was raised by 13%.

After the National Day, China's sugar price hit a record high: T

How to pick up the new grapes

Take time. For the new shoots, they are generally picked up at 3-5 days before flowering, and at the latest flowering. For varieties with serious drop and fruit drop, such as Kyoho, purple rose and other varieties, they can be picked 8-10 days before flowering. After the first picking, the

Sweet potato high-yielding cultivation techniques

First, select the fine varieties and quality seedlings: According to different uses, choose different varieties. The varieties adapted to starch processing include Xushu 18, Yushu No. 7, and Sushu No. 7, etc. The edible types include Beijing 553, Yushu No. 4, Sushu No. 8, Xi Nong 431, and Heri

The timing of the initial allocation of sows

Gilt mating is too early or too late. Breeding too early will not only affect the number of first-born litters, but also affect the development of sows themselves and reduce their ability to reproduce their reproductive performance for a long time. Late-maturing will increase production co

Vitamin C sweet potato is stronger than leafy vegetables

When it comes to supplementing vitamins through diet, almost everyone knows that they should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. However, vitamin C in these foods is water-soluble, and it is particularly afraid of heat. They are easily destroyed and lost during processing, and therefore

These vegetables are poisoned by cold

Everyone knows that vegetables contain nutrients such as vitamin C and vitamin B, which can be easily destroyed by cooking. Eating raw materials is beneficial to the preservation of these nutrients. However, due to the relationship of vegetable varieties, some vegetables are best eaten in