Qiuyu greenhouse vegetable base fertilizer use

Greenhouse vegetables have high cropping index, high yield, and large amount of fertilizer. Bottom fertilizer has a great influence on the yield, quality and soil properties of vegetables. It is the most basic link in fertilization and is essential for the growth and development of vegetable c

Pineapple fertilization technical points

(1) Base fertilizer is cultivated on the hillside of pineapple. The soil is dry and barren. One-time application of base fertilizer during planting is the basic measure for high yield and quality of pineapple. Basic basal fertilizer can be combined with deep plowing. People in the fruit ar

Raising rabbits in the autumn requires the key to high yield

First, careful disinfection

1. Site disinfection. Disinfection can be performed once in spring and twice in summer. First remove the dirt from the excreta, weeds, etc., and then disinfect with 20% quicklime or 3% caustic soda or 30% hot turfgrass.

2. Rabbit house disinfecti

Autumn silkworm rearing

First, strictly control the temperature and humidity in the low temperature and humidity, you can take the method of heating, drying more materials, to increase the temperature, reduce humidity, indoor sericulture should always open the doors and windows, ventilation, outdoor greenhouse se

Pepper planting and applying fertilizer

Dead seedlings after pepper planting have always been a headache for farmers. It is understood that there are many reasons for dead seedlings after pepper colonization, and infection root disease is one of the main reasons. Recently, when the author and Li Yu'an in Zhanggou Town, Changle C

Six dietary errors affect baby development

Misconception 1: Milk is too sweet

Some parents like to make milk powder too thick, put too much sugar, thinking that nutrition, the baby will grow faster.

Medical knowledge: high milk concentration, so that the baby's blood sodium concentration, blood pressure, and eve

There are ways to identify spark plug working conditions

The working status of the spark plug is normal, which directly affects the dynamics, economy, and purification of the engine. There are five methods for discerning the working conditions of the spark plug.

Touch sensing method. If the engine feels unstable or trembles after startin