Sheep breeding preferred "three look"

The quality of ancestors' ancestors can be directly passed on to future generations.

Therefore, when selecting the species, it is necessary to carefully examine the production performance (body weight, meat production rate, fecundity, milk yield, etc.) and body appearance of th

Four common green fish medicines

One, quicklime. It can not only eliminate a variety of harmful bacteria in aquaculture waters and cultured organisms, but it is also a very effective water conditioner and bottom modifier. It is particularly important for aquaculture of crustaceans. Regular use of quicklime in the aquacult

Raw feed pigs have skills

Feed feeding is an important measure for scientific pig raising. It has the advantages of labor saving, labor saving, fuel saving, waste reduction, etc., while avoiding the destruction of nutrients such as vitamins and proteins, and producing nitrite toxic substances, etc. The nutrition of the

Why do cucumbers in greenhouses die in winter and spring?

Winter and spring pods are one of the main cornices in sunlight greenhouses, and die and shoots often appear in production. What caused the dead seedlings? What measures should be taken?

1. Fertilizer harm: First, use fertilizers that are not fully decomposed, and second, apply too

Postpartum health measures for sows

In the investigation of sow production, the author found that the majority of rural sow specializing households do not pay attention to sanitary measures for postpartum sows and can easily cause postpartum metritis, mastitis, agalactia syndrome, postpartum fever, tetanus, and postpartum so

Autumn pregnant animals prevent abortion

Autumn is the most season for large livestock, and it is also the season when cattle, horses, donkeys and other large animals are most likely to abortion. Because under normal circumstances, large livestock are mated in the spring and have been pregnant for 6 to 7 months in the autumn. At

Greenhouse eggplant calcium deficiency prevention and control method

1, calcium deficiency symptoms

The plants grew slowly, the growth points were malformed, the young leaf margins were chlorogenic, and the reticular veins of the leaves turned brown and showed rust-like leaves. Eggplant cultivation in soils grown for many years can cause calcium def

Shed Strawberry Disease Prevention

The greenhouses are planted in greenhouses. The high temperature and humidity conditions in the greenhouses are extremely conducive to the occurrence of various pests and diseases. Therefore, strengthening the comprehensive prevention and treatment of diseases is the key to realizing the h

Cattle raise mildew forage poisoning

Poor preservation of grasses often causes mildew and spoilage, especially during the summer and autumn. When the grasshoppers encounter a lot of fungus, the center and bottom of the grasshoppers often grow a large number of fungi. When cattle eat this part of the forage, poisoning symptoms

Do not feed chicks with egg yolk powder

There are many chicken farmers in the countryside and they like to feed freshly purchased chicks with cooked egg yolk or milk powder. The reason is that the egg yolk and milk powder are nutritious. The chicken grows fast and grows strong. When feeding the chicken with egg yolk, it can avoi

Discussion on the development of solenoid valve technology

Solenoid valves, as an actuator for automated meters, have increased dramatically in recent years. This paper analyzes the main characteristics of the solenoid valve, and focuses on the application of the domestic mature technology development