Problems and countermeasures of raising newborn lambs

Lack of colostrum

As soon as possible, the countermeasures allow the lamb to eat colostrum. The amount of colostrum taken by the lamb is roughly 5% of its live weight. For example: 1 lamb of 4.5 kg should eat 225 grams of colostrum, of which, after birth, the sooner you eat, the be

Bio-organic fertilizer technology landed in China

In France, an organism that is inoculated with earthworms - organic cultivation techniques - will land in our country. The technology can be widely applied to the production of cash crops and forestry such as tea, coffee, and rubber, which can increase the output, improve the quality of agricu

Maize ear management manages four levels

A period of time from the jointing of the corn to the tasseling is called the period of the ear. Fertility characteristics at this stage are: vegetative growth and reproductive growth go hand in hand, leaves increase, elongation of stem sections, nutrient growth, while the male and female

Diagnosis and Prevention of Swine Influenza

(I) Diagnosis

According to the epidemiological characteristics, combined with the comprehensive analysis of clinical symptoms and pathological changes, a preliminary diagnosis can be made. Confirm that laboratory tests are required.

1. Virus isolation and identification …

Edible cactus fertilization requirements

Although edible cactus is resistant to thin, it is still a soft spot for loose, fertile soil. The requirements for fertilizers are: first, complete decoction; second, excessive salt; third, nitrogen fertilizer, supplemented by phosphorus and potash. Basal fertilizer can be used to compost

Summer corn fertilization skills

Maize is a high-yielding crop and requires a large amount of fertilizer. Scientific fertilization is the key to obtaining high and stable yield of corn. According to the law of demand of maize, it is necessary to determine a reasonable method of fertilization and determine the proportion o

Four principles of crop top dressing

According to local conditions, under normal circumstances, low-alkali alkali to use ammonium sulfate and other acidic fertilizers; acid soil topdressing urea, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia and other alkaline or neutral fertilizers; poor water retention and fertilizer capacity of sand and sandy

The advantages of extra-root fertilization

In addition to nutrients in the roots of plants, leaves and green shoots can also absorb nutrients. Spraying the nutrient-containing solution onto the aerial parts of the crop (mainly the leaves) is called extra-root fertilization.

The advantages of extra-root fertilization are:

Medicinal Plants

Scientific name Phytomyza syngenesiae Hardy Diptera, Lepidoptera. Distribution occurs in both southern and northern China.

Host chrysanthemum and asteraceae weeds.

The main characteristics of the damage are larvae that invade the leaves and dri

Fruit tree autumn management points

One orchard covered grass

The orchard ground covered with wheat straw, rice straw, and mountain grasses can greatly increase the soil organic matter content, improve the soil structure of the garden, and improve the drought resistance of fruit trees; the orchard grass cover is carr

Medicinal Plant Pests Onions

The scientific name Thrips alliorum (Priesner) is a member of the order Thysanoptera, Thripidae. Synonyms Taeniothrips alliorum Pries-ner Alias ​​green onions Hummer, Leek Hummer, onion with Hummer. Distributed in the Northeast, Beijing, Hebei, Z