Four Seasons Moss Production Technology

The key points for breeding and cultivation techniques of the China Four Seasons Moss Research Institute are:

"Four Seasons Moss" is a combination of leafy vegetables, which can be bolted continuously for more than 10 years. Normal growth at -5 °C, 15 days earlier than ordinar

Talking about rabbit grass and materials

As we all know, rabbits are herbivores, should be based on grass, supplemented by materials. However, in recent years, there have been a number of households who have violated the rules for efficiency and efficiency. Light feeding does not require grass, especially in winter and spring. In

Ginger High-efficiency, High-yield Comprehensive Cultivation Techniques

First, site selection:
In the past two years, no ginger has been planted, and the soil is thick, near water source, and well-drained sandy loam.
Second, ginger seed selection and processing:
The Leshan Shanxi dam was selected as the Xiaogu and Xinmin white ginger species. Should

Green prawn farming technology: the breeding of shrimp

Fresh meat is delicious and it is a rare aquatic product popular among the people. At present, the ponds raise shrimp, and the high-yield tangkou can produce more than 100 kilograms per mu. The value is about 5,000 yuan, and the production efficiency is considerable.

Self-breeding and

Wheat Science Fertilization

According to the requirements of wheat fertilizer and yield requirements, rational fertilization is of great significance for ensuring production and ensuring good harvest. Generally, for each 100 kg of wheat produced, about 3 kg of nitrogen, 1 to 1.5 kg of phosphorus, and 2 to 4 kg of pot

The Technique of Growing Purple Auricularia with Corncob

Purple fungus is not only rich in nutrients and diverse in eating methods, but also has strong adaptability and high yield. To cultivate corn cobs, follow the following key measures:
Corncobs prepared from cultivation materials contain more sugars and are susceptible to mildew and deterio

Duck Embryo: A Novel Bioreactor

The cell culture industry emerged in the 1980s with the advent of recombinant DNA technology and cell engineering. This industry is also the main promoter of the pharmaceutical market, and a large share of this market is gradually occupied by biological agents. In the next few years, not o

Precocious cultivation techniques for small greenhouses in strawberry

Cultivation of strawberries in small sheds, plants grow robust, can be mature 19 to 22 days ahead of time, harvesting period prolonged 13 days compared to open cultivation, the total yield increased by 17% compared to open field cultivation, the cultivation techniques are as follows:

Cultivation of European Primula

European Primula is Primulae, a primrose genus, alias primrose. In Europe, it is warm, cool, and humid. It is not resistant to high temperatures and strong direct light, and it is not tolerant to cold.

In the European Primula, seed sowing or seeding boxes are used for sowing. After

Syringa flower seed harvesting preservation

【Other middle names】 Yellow Cosmos, Yellow Cosmos, Huang Qiuying, Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum 【Genus】 Asteraceae autumn genus 【Place of origin】 Brazil, Mexico, etc. 【Plant traits】 Sulphur is an annual herb. Plant height 1 to 2 meters. Achenes

Japanese Koi earth pool set up test

The production of cement ponds alone raises the cost of Japanese Koi, and I have used the existing pond conditions to set up Koi Koi in order to replace the original Koi species. The test is now described as follows:

First, materials and methods

1. Pond conditions