Shrimp habits

There are many species of arthropod crustaceans, of which shrimp is a specialty of our country. The prawn was named after a pair of big sale. Prawns live in the warm sea and can live and breed in Bohai Bay in summer and autumn. Winter shrimps need to migrate long dista

Summer and autumn vegetable seedlings prevent four harms

Heat damage When lettuce and celery sprout at high temperatures, it is difficult to soak the seed for 8 hours and then use a wet gauze to wrap it in the well or in a cold place to germinate. Or low-temperature treatment, celery is 2 °C ~ 5 °C 48 hours, lettuce is 5 °C 72 hours, can pr

Greenhouse Machinery and Equipment (1)

Section I, Preface

Most greenhouse crop production operations require labor. For example, containers used to house crops for implantation may be transported several times in the greenhouse in response to different needs. According to a recent survey of crop production operations, wages acc

International cooperation research on high-temperature hybrid rice started

The Agricultural College of the Yangtze University of China recently signed an agreement with the Department of Applied Life Sciences of the University of Tokyo, Japan, to formally initiate a Sino-Japanese international cooperation study called the “High-Temperature Hybrid Rice Research

Summer Flowers Production Common Diseases and Pests

Summer flower production should also pay special attention to pest and disease control. Due to the high temperature season, the resistance of the plant itself is reduced. In addition, some diseases and insect pests are prone to multiplication under high temperature conditions. Therefore, the t

Buckwheat cake processing

First, raw material ratio: 200 grams of buckwheat flour, 300 grams of millet flour, 500 grams of wheat flour (sieved separately, remove coarse grains), 1000 grams of eggs, 1000 grams of sugar (with agglomeration), protein sugar, vanillin, Salt amount. Second, the preparation of egg paste: firs

Daily observation points of ducks

During the feeding of ducks, in order to achieve early prevention, early detection, early isolation and early treatment of diseases, in order to improve the economic benefits of ducks, daily observation must be made. The main points are as follows.
Observing the changes in appetite, the h

Sea cucumber breeding techniques

Refer to general aquaculture animal breeding conditions.
Seedlings, process, collection and storage of pro-ginseng → Artificial insemination and insemination → Fertilized egg hatching and juvenile breeding → Cultivation management (Control of reasonable cultivation de

Tenebrio storage and transportation should be meticulous

Tenebrio insecticides and large quantities of commercial Tenebrio molitors at industrial scale are inevitably subject to storage and transportation problems.
I. Stored in the case where the production of Tenebrio is too large and cannot be fully utilized at one time, Tenebrio can be tempo

The storage of bitter gourd

Optimal storage temperature: 10-13°C
Relative Humidity: Above 85-90% rh Cold injury: Bitter gourd matures below 10 °C will release ethylene, and it will also be accelerated by the environmental ethylene and accelerate ripening. The bitter gourd's epidermis is pearl-like, extreme

Crab breeding techniques

The feeding and management of pregnant crabs is an important part of artificial reproduction of crabs. Every year from December to early March of the following year, it is the peak of mating and spawning of crabs. After the pro-crab spawns, it takes more than one month to raise the eggs ca