High-yield and high quality peanut---Huayu 21

High-yield, high-quality, large-scale peanuts --- Newly developed large peanut varieties newly bred by the Shandong Peanut Institute on Huayu No. 21, were approved by the Shandong Provincial Variety Approval Committee in March 2003. Characteristics: This species is a large-scale, early-ripenin

How to raise golden ducks in winter to produce more eggs

After entering the winter, as long as the corresponding environmental conditions are established for Jinding Duck and the feeding management is strengthened, eggs can be produced as usual. Each female duck can produce 250-300 eggs each year. The main 5 points should be achieved: 1. Pay attenti

High quality fry buying skills

One is the naked eye. Good fry specifications, uniform body color, bright and shiny, robust, smooth and not muddy, swimming and lively; poor fry specifications vary, body color is bleak, individual thin, some body still stained with sludge, Less vitality. The second is the ability to respond.

Artificial cultivation of jaundice

Astragalus is a perennial herb of the legume family and is an important medicinal resource. In recent years, artificial cultivation of jaundice technology has developed rapidly and has become a good project for developing high-efficiency agriculture and raising farmers' income in hilly and

Rainbow trout artificial breeding technology

I. Selection of farms The water temperature of aquaculture ponds requires that the temperature be above 4°C in winter and not more than 20°C in summer. The annual growth of rainbow trout can be observed. Pool ponds should be flow basins, with fresh water, high transparency, and sufficien

For good quality turtle turtle feed

蚯蚓 is a high-quality green feed for aquatic animals such as turtles, pelicans, and omnivorous fish. It is extremely nutritious and contains 60.4% protein (dry matter), second only to Peruvian fish meal (70.1%), but higher than feed yeast ( 56.7%) and soybean cake (52.4%) were 6 time

Livestock machinery

Xinfang Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd., Huangpan District, Henan Province Animal Husbandry Product Name Price RMB/ Sow Cast Iron Slotted Floor 120 Sows Cast Iron Groove 75 Growing Pigs Cast Iron Groove 55 Piglet Cast Iron Filling Slot 35 Plastic Leakage Floor 13 Cooling an

Half-feeding combine harvester not threshing reason and solution

Half-feeding combine harvesters (such as Yanmar, Kubota and other models) have significantly better quality in harvesting methods, threshing quality, power consumption, etc. due to their unique application of crop gripping, threshing, and corresponding supporting technologies. Feeding models a

Dripping tip, micro spray, gravity drip tube

One, Dripping Tip Specifications: length 12.5cm, flow rate 4-5L/H Uses: Widely used in water delivery for plants, transfusion, micro-drip irrigation (abbreviated as micro-irrigation) Advantages: 1, save energy, work at the tip of the water required Low pressure, can be irrigated under slight p

Occurrence characteristics of wheat full-blown rot disease

Chinese name: Whole wheat erosion Latin name: Gaeumannomyces graminis (Sacc.) Arx.olivcr Injury symptoms: Whole wheat rot is a root rot and stem rot disease. Wheat can be infected throughout the growing period. The seedlings were invaded, the symptoms of light were not obvious, the weight was