"Grilled" egg production technology

In day-to-day management, each chicken farm has strict rules and regulations and standardized and standardized production. The adoption of the "all-in, all-out," system of feeding and the control of stocking density according to standards. The chicks were kept in the brooding house t

Vacuum pre-cooling technology to keep fresh lily

Fresh lily is easily flowered and deteriorated after picking, resulting in a decline in commercial quality. At the same time, the processing and storage of fresh lily is difficult. It has always been a bottleneck restricting the sales of fresh lily. These factors have seriously affected the de

Feeding management technology for commercial pigs

The commercial pigs are growing and breeding pigs, so they are also called commodity pigs. First, the factors that affect the fattening effect of commercial pigs There are many factors affecting pig fattening, and the total can be divided into genetic and environmental factors, such as the typ

Culture Technology

Xanthoceras sorbifolia Bunge. is a deciduous tree or a large shrub of the genus Xanthoceras sorbifolia. It can also be cultivated as a tall tree. Xanthoceras sorbifolia is a unique woody oil tree species unique to China. The seed oil content is 45% to 50%, and the kernel oil content is 70%. Th

Spring 蝎 Note 啥

1. After purchase, it should be temporarily stored in a room (shed) with suitable temperature, quiet environment, and mild air. It is advisable to invest enough in order to avoid killing each other due to instalment. Generally, about 600 eggs per square meter of breeding space are appropriate,

Black fungus pest control

After the black fungus green mold symptom bag, strainer bottle, section wood inoculation hole and fruiting bodies are infected by green mold, the white filaments are initially grown on the material wood or fruit body, and after a few days, it can be Conidia are formed. Once conidial masses for

Fresh Peanut Efficient Cultivation Technology

First, choose the land to change the soil, formula fertilization fresh peanuts - autumn vegetable planting pattern, to choose the flat topography, can irrigation energy row, loose soil, not heavy earthworm, soil fertility higher sand sandy loam. Deep ploughing before winter to improve soil phy

Method for preparing Rumex silage in plastic bags

As a high-quality green feed, Rumex is popularized in agricultural areas and can be widely used for feeding various livestock and poultry. For example, a pig is used as an example to introduce a plastic bag to a large number of rural farmers to prepare Rumex's silage. (a) the production of

What are the key technologies for seine fish farming

Our province is located in the Huang-Huai River Basin. The area has a dense river network and abundant water resources. As a breeding mode for large-surface aquaculture, seine fish farming has been welcomed by people everywhere and has achieved certain economic benefits. The key technologies a

Three kinds of colorful fairy feeding methods

First, the pure breeding of colorful fairy cylinders for reproduction breeding cylinder is common in colorful stores, mainly to allow fish to quickly grow up to the largest body shape, the most beautiful form, to facilitate management and then increase sales. The industry has increased the num

Several practical techniques in artificial breeding of crab

The factory artificial seedling raising of river crab is one of the major production projects in many seawater breeding rooms in the coastal area of ​​our province. It has produced remarkable economic benefits. In this year's report, the author of the Huangpi Xingsheng nurser

The introduction of foreign grape varieties should be careful

In recent years, with the adjustment of agricultural structure, more and more people who want to rely on growing grapes have become rich. In order to speed up the improvement of grape varieties, China has introduced a number of grape varieties from abroad. It should be said that the introducti