Introduction of Crawfish Shrimp (Freshwater Lobster) Culture Technology

First, the basic habits of freshwater lobster Freshwater lobster, scientific name Krill crawfish, also known as lobster, lobster, red shrimp. The shrimp was originally produced in the United States and was introduced to Japan from Japan during the Second World War. It is now widely distributed

Papaya storage at room temperature

Sales of matured papaya in the production area and near the production area, storage outside the packing room or trans-shipment are only temporary, and the warehouse only requires good ventilation and sanitation. Because the storage period is short and does not require cold temperature conditi

How to increase the birth rate of binary crossbred pigs

Selection: Selecting gilts in binary sows should select sows with flat backs, wide hindquarters, well-developed limbs, slightly higher body weight, uniform growth of body parts, sparse hairiness, and even fatness. And more than 6 pairs of effective nipples under the abdomen. For those sows who

Several kinds of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping bag making and using method

The anti-oxidation fresh-keeping bag is made of 0.08 mm thick polyethylene plastic film to make a 50X75 cm bag, then the two bags are put together (the inner bag is firstly stitched with a number of 10 holes), and the middle one is clamped. - Two-story toilet paper impregnated with a chemical

Three methods for storage and preservation of parsley

1. The frozen parsley is used for frozen storage in the northeastern parts of the country, and the ditch is divided into two kinds: active ditch and dead ditch. In general, wind tunnels, greenhouses, or sunshades on the north side of Tatetsu are to be dug a trench that is 30 cm wide, 30 cm dee

Control method of greenhouse vegetable pests and diseases

Due to the special ecological environment of greenhouse vegetables, the types of pests and diseases are numerous, rapid and heavy. It is a prominent problem in the current production. Here are some simple methods for prevention and control. High temperature stuffy shed method. 1 Miao shed befo

Structured spring cutting method

Litchi bar is thin, with low water content, such as trimming prematurely, cutting the mouth is easy to lose water and dry, not easy to heal. Therefore, pruning should be completed before the sap begins to flow, and the principle of early shearing of old and weak trees and late shearing of weak

Flower phytotoxicity symptoms and prevention

First, the common symptoms of flower damage 1. Acute injury. Obvious symptoms, the general performance of the leaves on the leaves spots, focus, withered; fruit smaller, spots, deformities; petal coke, plant growth retardation, falling flowers, buds, not strong, and even the whole death. 2. Ch