The first bio-fertilizer enterprise in Taizhou was put into production

On the morning of March 20, Jiangyan Zhaofeng Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. was formally put into production. This is the city’s first biological fertilizer company. The company is invested by Taiwan merchants with a total investment of US$1 million. It has a bio-fungicide plant, a b

Banlangen cultivation management technology

Banlangen is the root of cruciferous plant indigo, which is also known as grass blue, leaf is called Daqing leaf, and fresh leaf can be processed into indigo. All three are commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, cold, bitter, with detoxification, cooling blood Pharyngeal effect. The devel

How to transform the greenhouse soil

When greenhouse vegetables are planted for more than 4 years, the degree of soil salinity is heavy, which is extremely unfavorable for crop growth. The following describes how to observe and judge the extent of salt damage to vegetables and transform the soil. Observe the soil 1. The soil with

How to extend the flowering period

After cutting the flower, it is necessary to extend the viewing period. The first is to maintain the balance of water in the leaves and the second is to sterilize and protect. The main methods are as follows: 1. Cut the flower splicing splicing to cut the squid when it is ready to be placed, p

Barbs, Seed Breeding Techniques

Barbs belong to the genus Cypriniformes, barbinae, spimibarbrs, commonly known as bamboo fish, bamboo fish, grass bale, big belly fish, and yellow crown fish. Produced in Guangxi's Gui River, Liujiang, Zuojiang, Youjiang. Barbs, which are characterized by rapid growth, miscellaneous eating

New Technology for Preserving Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (1)

Vegetables and fruits are fresh foods, and perishable after harvesting. In order to prolong the preservation period, scientists from various countries have invented a variety of preservation technologies. They are introduced as follows: 1. Fresh-keeping carton: This was developed by the Japan

Drought-resistant cultivation techniques for fruit trees

1. Select drought-resistant trees (products) and rootstocks as different tree species, drought tolerance is different, should be based on the water needs of different tree species and drought tolerance to determine the cultivation of tree species, the current cultivation of tree species in the

Silverfish move into the body of water

The whitebait is a species of bony fish which is a species of bream. The silverfish family has 2 genera and 8 genera and 20 species. According to the survey, there are 6 genera and 15 species in China. The current best-selling domestic and foreign markets are Taihu Lake New Silverfish and Big

Dianchi Lake Fish Production Technology

1. The environmental conditions and types of Dianchi Lake The water in Dianchi Lake is shallower than the pond and deeper than the rice fields. It is generally 10 cm to 50 cm, and the deepest is about 1 meter. In our province from April to mid-June, the loquat leaf in Dianchi Lake is small, sh

Spring flowers breeding technology

The spring flowers are deciduous shrubs of the family Oleaceae. The stems are thinly tetragonal, the dark greens are brown, and the leaves are greenish. The flowering period is from January to March, and thus it is known as the "Spring in the Snow." Spring flowers are cultivated in v

Pond cultivation conditioning water is the focus

I. Water quality analysis and culture In the aquaculture process, we generally perform simple water quality analysis on a regular basis, and qualified entities can establish their own laboratories. The pH value of water, the hardness of water, the content of ammonia and nitrogen in water body,