Several kinds of fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping bag making and using method

The anti-oxidation fresh-keeping bag is made of 0.08 mm thick polyethylene plastic film to make a 50X75 cm bag, then the two bags are put together (the inner bag is firstly stitched with a number of 10 holes), and the middle one is clamped. - Two-story toilet paper impregnated with a chemical "deoxidizing agent" and air-dried, so that a deoxygenation-type fresh-keeping bag is made to remove oxygen that the agricultural product enters during the bagging process, so that the bacteria that cause rot of fruits and vegetables are absent. Oxygen can not reproduce, thereby extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. When used, firstly remove fresh dirt and residual fertilizers and medicines on the skin without breaking the fresh fruit vegetables, then soak it in 0.3-0.5% mannan aqueous solution for 10 minutes, remove it and let it dry naturally, then put it in the fresh-keeping bag and seal it. This method is applicable to the preservation of fresh dates, apples, long bean horns and other products, and can be stored at room temperature for 2 to 5 months and crisp as ever. In addition to the ethylene preservation bag fruits and vegetables during the storage process, they will naturally release a natural hormone gas called ethylene, which can cause physiological changes in fruits and vegetables, and promote product ripening, aging and even deterioration. At present, the ethylene remover is mainly composed of activated carbon as the representative of the adsorption type and potassium permanganate as the representative of the oxidative decomposition type, although the removal rate of the former is high, but the adsorption fails, the latter has a slow decomposition rate, removal The effect is not obvious and other shortcomings. Polyethylene fruit wax has the characteristics of adsorption, oxidation, and water resistance. It can be made into vinyl bags by coating it in the inner layer of plastic bags. According to the test, fresh peaches and figs that are not treated with any chemical sterilization or preservatives will be sealed in the bag, which will make such products that are currently the most difficult to keep fresh and soft at a normal temperature for half a month and will not rot. Refrigerated, fresh-keeping 60-80 days. Reflective film bag silver plastic film with high reflectivity, high moisture and other characteristics, its heat sealed into a plastic bag for storage of fruits, vegetables and other flavors of agricultural products better. In practice, the 0.5% mannan aqueous solution is heated to 100C, and the washed tender corn, tender peanuts, etc. are put into the impregnation for 5-8 minutes, taken out into cold water to make the temperature drop to room temperature, and taken out after being dried naturally, Hang a layer of 0.5% pure natural sodium lemon solution into a fresh-keeping bag and seal it for 8 months at room temperature. The color and flavor are as before.

Stripe dive wave medical air mattress. The device comes with all the necesary features for efficient decubitus prevention. It consists of few separate elements. No tools are required for assembly.

Medical Air Mattresses are designed to assist in the treatment, management, and/or prevention of pressure ulcers. They are typically used with Hospital Beds and provide different therapies to those at-risk for pressure sores. For individuals who are confined to the bed for an extended period of time, an air mattress can provide a great deal of comfort and assist in circulation. These support surfaces will work to keep skin cool and dry and the alternating air means that one area never receives too much weight bearing pressure.

In general, Medical Air Mattresses are intended for people who are going to be in their beds for an extended period of time. It benefits those at risk for pressure ulcers, and/or those with skin ulcers that require treatment and prevention from further deterioration. Please discuss with your medical professional if a Medical Air Mattress is right for you or your loved ones.

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