Wakame artificial seed cultivation techniques

There are two methods for cultivation of Wakame artificial seedlings, one is low temperature seedling raising, the other is normal temperature seedling raising. Low-temperature seedling is the use of low-temperature cultivation of kelp seedlings to cultivate crony seedlings, the implementation of spore body crossing, this method of equipment investment, high cost, complex operation, generally no longer used. The nursery at room temperature is simple and easy. Only the nursery room, seawater sedimentation tank, filter tank, and applicator can be performed at room temperature.

Nursery conditions

1) The nursery should be placed close to the coast where seawater fluctuations can pump water, fresh water and away from estuaries.
2) The nursery room runs east and west, the skylight area is 1/3 of the roof, the side window area should occupy 1/3-1/4 of the wall, and there is a dimming setting.
3) Seedling nursery ponds can use kelp nursery belts with shallow slopes, and ordinary deep pools can also be used.
4) Sedimentation pond: 50% of the water for seedlings is raised, and the filter pond is about 1.5% of the nursery pond.
5) with seedlings: mainly made of red brown rope braided net curtain, but also useful polyethylene net curtain.

Vegetable selection and stimulation

1) Standard: It has thicker fleshy leaves, large and soft leaves, dark brown or dark brown color, and spores with prominent bulges and mucus.
2) Quantity: generally leave 10 sporophyll leaves per square meter of nursery pond, or 100 grams of mature spore leaves per 100 meters long seedlings.
3) Irritation: Often the overcast method is used. After the sea tea raised at sea is retrieved, rinse it with filtered seawater, and then hang the vegetables in a ventilated room, or place it on a clean straw mat without crushing it. Keep it in direct sunlight and dry it.

Suitable picking time selection

Appropriate picking time, should choose the natural temperature of seawater rose to 18-23 degrees, from mid-June to mid-July is better.

Process flow

Stimulate the growth of the vegetables → Disperse the spores → Disperse the spores → Shooting spores → Grasp the seedling density → Indoor cultivation → Indoor cultivation → Adjust the temperature → Control the light → Appropriate fertilization → Wash and change the water in time → Seedling library


During the nursery period of Wakame, nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers should be applied. In the early stages of gametophyte and sporophyte, the nitrogen and phosphorus contents of nursery water should reach NO3-N4PPm and PO4-P0.3PPm. After the formation of sporophyte in the middle of August, the concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus should reach NO3-NSPPm, PO4-P 0.4PPm. Fertilization is usually carried out after changing the water, and the fertilizer is generally evenly sprayed with 5% concentration.

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