Tea fertilization method should be appropriate

The tea harvested in the tea plantation in Anxi, Fujian province of Anxi, tea farmers in spring, has high yield and good quality. The old Shen family is very happy. In order to win the summer tea and autumn tea harvest, after finishing the spring tea, in the middle and late May he had to t

Pepper can be used as medicine to prevent disease and pest control

Prevention and cure of vegetable diseases Take fresh pepper (stronger spicy) 500g, add 15~20kg of water and cook in pot for 10~15 minutes. Pepper juice is dissolved in water after boiling at high temperature and filtered. Add 100 ~ 125 grams of ordinary detergent, and then 50 kg of water a

Shoot damage and its prevention

1. Root rot (1) Harmful symptoms and pathogens: The main hazard is the root of the shoot. The roots of the diseased plants were damaged and rotted first. The outer parts of the plants were black. The upper part of the aboveground parts exhibited early death from individual leaves. In sever

Pig chicken efficient circulation feeding technology

With the arrival of the era of meager animal husbandry, simple breeding of a kind of livestock and poultry is often due to the market, the cost and other reasons and can not get good benefits. The following is a new technology for efficient circulation and feeding of pig chicken is a parti

Summer tomato shade net cover cultivation

The use of shade nets to cover cultivation of tomatoes in summer can provide environmental conditions that are more conducive to their growth, and can increase their yield and quality, effectively alleviate the shortage of tomatoes in the summer, and have great market potential and high be

Cow infertility prevention methods

Causes infertility in cows is mainly due to both nutritional and reproductive diseases. Nutrition should be strengthened by feeding and management, providing full-priced diets, maintaining a healthy medium sensation, preventing cows from becoming too fat or too thin, and promoting normal cow e

Drying and storage of dried mushrooms

At present, shiitake mushrooms have become a pillar industry in many mountainous rural areas for economic development. However, in the process of mushroom cultivation, due to lack of timely management, or encounter abnormal climate, large temperature difference, it is easy to form some malform

High-yield cultivation techniques of summer peanut

The scientific and technical personnel of Peanut Research and Development Center in Pingdu City must not implement the high-yielding cultivation technology system for wheat and peanut according to their respective high-yielding cultivation technology systems to achieve double-high yield; it is

Improve the comprehensive technology of lean meat breeder breeding rate

Giving full play to the maximum potential of lean-type breeding pigs and further improving the production performance of lean-type breeding pigs is a major factor in the economic benefits of raising pigs. To this end, the author summed up his own practical experience in production, comprehensi


Prunus persicae Tuberocephalus mononis, also known as Peach tumor head lice, belongs to the family Homoptera. Both the South and the South are distributed.

Harmful? Into the nymphs, the back edge of the nymph cluster sucks sap, and it is light green and pink