UK discovers new technology for manufacturing thin-film solar cells

Scientists are developing a newer method to replace their solar cells with nano-metal particles. As the author describes in a new article, the method has the potential to significantly improve the harvesting efficiency of solar cells.

The nanoparticle method is to correct these pro

Infant formula

Breast milk (human milk) is the baby's natural, ideal food, it can meet the needs of infant growth and development, and adapt to digestion. In the absence of breast milk, milk is used as a substitute for breast milk and is particularly good for feeding infants. Because milk contains the ri

Peach cultivation and management techniques

Peach is a small tree of the Rosaceae Prunus genus. It is widely used in gardens and can be planted to form a peach forest. It can also be planted in the lawn with a solitary plant, and it can also be planted with flower shrubs such as peduncles to form a hundred flowers. Now we introduce its

Correct use of the brake

Every driver wants their own vehicle to work well. When using the brake in normal circumstances, reduce the throttle in advance, reduce the speed, disengage the clutch, and then brake again to make the vehicle stop smoothly. In normal driving, the speed should be controlled by the throttle and

Wakame artificial seed cultivation techniques

There are two methods for cultivation of Wakame artificial seedlings, one is low temperature seedling raising, the other is normal temperature seedling raising. Low-temperature seedling is the use of low-temperature cultivation of kelp seedlings to cultivate crony seedlings, the implem

Rare fruit - seedless crystal pomegranate

The seedless crystal pomegranate is a very rare new pomegranate line made by our country's researchers using high-tech breeding. It matures in mid-late September, and is listed on the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. The whole fruit is bright red, bright and beautiful, extremely beaut

Orange strengthens management at the time

First, remove dead leaves

Many curled leaves and dead leaves hang on the trees to increase the evaporation of water in the trees. In addition, the continuous drought in the weather makes it easy for the branches to lose water and dry up. The leaves of the leaves must be removed. Th

Feeding cows six must

1. Comprehensive management of the breeding environment must be strengthened. Although milk cows have strong disease resistance, the quality of fresh milk produced is greatly affected by the environment. If you do not pay attention to hygiene, it often leads to non-compliance of milk quality a

Common potted plant cultivation tips

1. Tips for plum blossom in the spring

The plum can be moved into the greenhouse and sunny before the Spring Festival. The date of flowering can be controlled by the level of temperature. Generally about 10°C at room temperature, 3 weeks in advance should be used.

During t

Greenhouse vegetables against L. sativae

Liriomyza sativae is a worldwide quarantine pest. In recent years, it has caused serious damage to cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, beans and other vegetables in the greenhouse, and has a great impact on the yield. Peasant friends should use the following measures to prevent them.

The laying hens must be carefully reared


Generally, 20 weeks old chickens are fed pre-egg feed with calcium content of 1% and crude protein of 16.5%. When the material is reloaded, the reloading process should be gradually completed within half a month. Avoid overrunning to prevent dialysis. When the egg production