Soybean chemical weeding pay attention to three points

According to local conditions, the selection of drugs is accurate. Herbicides should be pre-emergence herbicides. Guangmiaoling has a short residual period and is safe for diarrhea. It is the preferred agent. Soybeans before weeding, chemical weeding before seedlings are not available for

Drought prevention and pest control keep seedlings safe in summer

Since the beginning of summer, the Longchuan Highway Bureau has taken active actions and has taken various measures to increase the management of summer greening conservation to ensure that the seedlings are safe in summer.

To fight drought, ensure that plants do not lack water. In

The weeds in the cotton field must be protected by weeds

In recent days, overcast rains have continued in various parts of the country, and some weeds in cotton fields have grown mad. Farmers must take timely measures to rescue cotton seedlings. The specific method is as follows:

First, strengthen the management of cotton fields Strength

Summer fishing pond management measures

Adjust the water quality into the summer after the temperature rises, pool water should not be too fat, the general pool water transparency control in about 30 cm. For this reason, it is necessary to constantly change the new water according to the cultured species and stocking rate. Norma

Agricultural tractors can select oil for energy saving

In order to reduce the agricultural production expenditure, the “machine” households are introduced here to introduce the general knowledge of agricultural tractor oil selection. It is believed that this will help the “machinery” households.

First, the choic

Method for making female rabbits more productive female rabbits

Long-haired female rabbits produce 15% to 20% more hair than male rabbits; female rabbits have better skin quality than male rabbits. The price is relatively high; the growth rate of rabbit female rabbits is 10% to 15% faster than that of male rabbits. Mowing female rabbits to female rabbi

Anticoagulant Rivaroxaban Market Analysis

On June 22, 2012, the FDA refused to approve the application of Johnson & Johnson and Bayer's rivaroxaban (trade name: Xarelto, English name: Xarelto) for patients with acute coronary syndrome to prevent heart attack and stroke . Johnson & Johnson

Summer corn topdressing should be digging or digging

The production of summer corn is in a hot and rainy season, and the supply of soil nutrients is strengthened in this season. Experts suggest that farmers' friends estimate and make full use of local water and heat resources to reasonably distribute fertilizers and increase fertilizers

Teach you how to produce high cotton yield

According to the survey and analysis of cotton production in recent years, a set of cultivation management models suitable for the cotton area was summarized, namely: April seedlings, May buds, June flowers, picked flowers at the end of July, meticulous management in August, tenderness in

Cover shade net skills to master

Coverage time should not be too long

The role of shading nets is to shave and cool down. In the absence of strong light and low temperature, shading nets cannot always “sleep” on sheds. Uncovering the shade nets requires a flexible grasp of the light intensity and tempe

Thin cow's fattening tips

First, pick lean cows. Not all lean cows can be purchased for fattening. Only those lean cows, which are caused by poor husbandry and management, and heavy workload, can be quickly fattened after careful feeding and management. Picking lean cows must be careful, and avoid buying lean cows