A film with three methods

First, make a small arch shed, and then make a plastic film as a small arch shed before using the plastic film. After falling, use the local film to apply it to the cultivation of early spring crops. The bamboo or branches used for the awning should be smooth without sharp corners so as not to

"Soymilk" safety standards completed

On June 1, 2011, GB/T 26176-2010 Soymilk will be implemented. This first national performance standard for soya-bean milk makers has attracted attention in the industry. At present, the Soymilk standard system will continue to grow. Another important national

Vegetables are not suitable for pruning in high humidity environment

In the vegetable production in greenhouses, many vegetable farmers do not pay attention to the humidity conditions in the greenhouse when pruning the vegetables, and pruning when the humidity in the greenhouse is high. As a result, some diseases have increased, especially bacterial disease

High quality dry pumpkin cultivation technology

Dry, noodles, sweet and high-quality pumpkins are some of the new varieties introduced in recent years. Because of their good quality and palatable nature, they are well received by people. At present, “pumpkin fever” is gradually warming up, so seizing the right time to select goo

Banlangen Management Technology

1. Field management of loose soil weeding: keep the land moist after sowing to facilitate emergence. After the seedlings are unearthed, they are shallow to prevent injury to the seedlings, and the soil is often kept loose and free of weeds. Seedlings Dingmiao seedlings: seedlings height 7-8cm

Early rice seed treatment and chemical weeding

Spring seeding and seedling training is about to begin. Good seed processing and weed control for early rice are important technical measures to seize the early rice harvest. First, the early rice seed processing Early rice seeds should be sown before sowing, seed selection, remove disease, po

Apple wall bee pollination technology

In recent years, due to the large amount of pesticides used, wild insects are rapidly reduced. When bees are pollinated, they must be raised (feeding honey) and they must be moved. Third, the ability to pollinate in low-temperature, low-temperature and early-spring springs is poor. In orde

High-yield cultivation techniques of saffron

Crimson saffron, also known as saffron, saffron, sarsaparilla, poland, etc., is a perennial herb of the iris family. The saffron is native to Mediterranean coastal countries such as Spain and the Netherlands. It was introduced to China in the Han dynasty and w

How to manage corn lodging

First, corn is a crop that requires a large amount of water, but is not tolerant to flooding. If it is because of flooding, it is necessary to clear the headland drainage ditch in time after the heavy rain, eliminate the water in the field, and reduce soil moisture.
Second, the lighter lo

Short-term strength fattening beef cattle effect

Short-term strength fattening of beef cattle is to fertilize the rack cattle with high-energy diets. The beef cattle that are used for the strength of fattening are usually shelf cattle of 2.3 years old and weighing about 300 kilograms. This bovine skeleton has basically grown. Therefore,