Poultry Efficient Population Immunization

The drinking method dissolves the vaccine in water and poultry are immunized by drinking water. Drinking water immunization should pay attention: the vaccine used for drinking water must be high-priced; dilution of vaccine water does not contain any substances that can inactivate vaccine v

Laying hens to achieve high yields and grasping the key to "six"

First, improve the tidy degree of reserve chickens to cultivate the success of the reserve chickens, its uniformity is an important indicator. Small differences in body size, flock development, sexual maturity can be synchronized, in the future to open the production time can be consistent

Buy wheat should pay attention to what?

Wheat produces high yields, and improved varieties are the key. Every year on the eve of autumn, there are many peasant friends who are looking for friends and looking for good breeds of wheat to expect a good harvest in the coming year. However, due to the limited conditions, many farmers

FDA approves expansion of the use of Merck's vaccine drug

Recently, the US FDA announced the approval of Merck's cervical cancer prevention vaccine "Jia Da Xiu" to prevent vulvar and vaginal cancer caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) in women aged 9 to 26 and women. 70% of cervical cancers are caused by these two HPV viruses, and they c

How does Root Miao Zhuang Play a Rooting Role?

How root root seedlings play a role in rooting The rooting agent is mainly used for growing crops such as vegetables and rice. It is mixed in nutritious soil or used in planting, transplanting, mid-to-late growing, watering, rooting, and foliar spraying. , can increase

Introduction of Golden Loofah Cultivation Techniques

Golden gourd is Cucurbitaceae, Cucurbita. The stalks are long and thick, hollow, with ribs or furrows and bristles. There are lateral vines and tendrils among the stem segments, which are strongly ramets. Female flowers usually appear in the main vines from 5 to 7 knots. The fruit is oval,

High-temperature season crab management measures

In summer, the weather is hot and the water temperature is relatively high. In order to ensure the river crabs to cross the river safely and improve the survival rate, the following measures must be taken:
First, to ensure adequate supply of aquatic plants Summer crab pool should be stock

Tips for Managing Water Quality in Tilapia Growing Season

June to September is the peak season for the growth of tilapia, but during this period, the quality of water changes most frequently as the amount of feed increases, and disaster weather occurs frequently. If you can control water quality and implement healthy breeding, you can ensure that

Five Methods to Increase Egg Production in Breeding Geese

1. Drinking enough geese have the habit of feeding, playing and mating in water. If there is no natural water source, set the sink to provide ample water. The weather is cold, drink some warm water.

2. Forced feathering geese enter the abortion period from May to June. In order to

The Four Points of Fruit Seedlings in Summer

Summer high temperature, high humidity, and more rain, it is very easy to cause the occurrence and spread of vegetable seedling diseases. It has a great impact on the summer seedlings such as tomatoes, green peppers, eggplants and so on. To cultivate healthy seedlings, we should focus on t

Autumn sheep should have enough silage

In the fall, it is the best time for silage and sheep feed. There are many methods for rural silage, such as soil storage and crypt storage. However, according to many years of practice, the use of bag storage method is the best, simple and practical, easy to stack, maintain good performance.