Convert food industry waste into functional flour

Food processing industry wastes such as green bananas, coffee beans, okara/bean meal and many other food processing scraps are also undergoing re-use and innovation, such as blended flour, including gluten-free mixed flour. Among

Clever application of fertilizer benefits many

Micro fertilizer refers to fertilizers containing trace elements. Trace elements refer to nutrients with low levels in the soil and plant body. Fertilizers made from it are commonly called micro-fertilizers. There are many ways to apply fertilizer. Can do base fertilizer, seed fertilizer and t

How to build different types of drying rooms?

Generally speaking, there are two types of drying rooms for air drying units, one is a simple independent drying room (the product does not require secondary processing); the other is a running water drying room (product requires

The cause of noise and its prevention measures

First, the cause of engine noise and its prevention measures Engine noise mainly includes combustion noise and mechanical noise: 1. Burning noise. The reason for the noise is due to the effect of the pressure of the gas in the cylinder cycle. It mainly depends on the way of burning and the spe

Autumn garlic leaves yellowing remedy

In the autumn, the planting of garlic is prone to yellowing of the leaf tip, which results in long stems and leaves, thick stems, low yield, and poor quality. Therefore, cultivation and management must be strengthened. Appropriate fertilization During the growth of autumn garlic, roots must be

High-yield and high-yield fertilization of potato

Potatoes, commonly known as potatoes, are a fully-fledged food and vegetable crop. The principle of high yield and high quality potato production is: base fertilizer should be sufficient, topdressing should be grounded, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium should be reasonable, magnesium fertili

High-yield Cultivation Model of Intercropping in Solar Greenhouse

First, the cultivation method:

1. Variety selection: cucumber: conventional greenhouse cultivar; Pleurotus ostreatus: Fengye No. 3, Fengxian No. 1; Coprinus comatus: Fengye 963; Maomu No. 1.

2. Pleurotus ostreatus and Coprinus comatus culture ingredients: 6500kg corn cob, 325

How to use the animal husbandry biological fertilizer

Bio-fertilizer from animal husbandry and grasshoppers collects many active bacteria species in the natural world, and is scientifically cultivated and refined. It is suitable for various crops such as grain, fruit trees, vegetables, and cotton, hemp, tobacco, tea, mulberry, medicine, grass and