Watching millet

Alias: Purple Royal Valley

Latin name: Pennisetum glaucum


Origin: cultivated species

Reproduction: sowing

Flower and fruit period: flowering summer, fruiting autumn

Sunshine: Full Sunshine

Temperature: optimal growth temperature 18°C-28°C

Soil: Hi loose, fertile loam

Moisture: Hi moist

Morphological characteristics: annual herb, plant height up to 3 meters. The leaves are broadly stripe, with several heart-shaped bases and dark green and purple leaves. The panicles are closely columnar, the spines are hard, the spinoses are dense, and the spikelets are obovate. There are 2 florets per spikelet. The first flower is male and the second flower is bisexual. Caryopsis obovate.

Application: Elegant in color, it is a common foliage plant in recent years. It is suitable for viewing on the roadsides, water banks, rocky sides or wall-edges of parks and green areas. Can also make flower arrangements.

Fig Tea

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