How to make soybean oil skin

Pulping: The extraction of fritters is generally carried out before pulping after pulping the bean products. Pick the skin: boiled milk, into the special pick-shaped pot, static 8 to 9 minutes later, the surface of a layer of soft skin, the soft leather hanging hanging on the bamboo, ready to air dry or dry. The shape of the oil skin differs from the shape of the bean curd skin and it is required that the wet skin cannot be folded and the flattening is better. Drying: There are two ways to dry the oil skin: one is to do some rack drying naturally, the other is drying room drying. After the fritters are dried, they are sprayed with water and softened. After 10 to 15 minutes, the fritters are flattened and placed in the packing box. Place moistureproof paper inside the packing box to prevent oily skin from deteriorating.

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