How to deal with harmless greenhouse waste?

The cultivation of greenhouse vegetables has brought great benefits to our lives. However, when greenhouse vegetables are changed every year, the destination of greenhouse waste has become a problem faced by many vegetable farmers. A 1 mus tomato greenhouse can clea

The significance of implementing HACCP

As a new food safety guarantee model that is completely different from the traditional food safety quality management system, HACCP has a wide and far-reaching significance for ensuring food safety.

I. For food industry enterprises

1. Enhance the confidence of consumers and th

Agricultural machinery guard against nine misunderstandings

First, after blindly comparing with some farmers who have money on hand, they competed with each other to purchase some locomotives and supporting equipment. Due to blind development, it not only results in low utilization rate of integrated facilities and a large amount of idleness and wa

Pushing the best sowing time of winter wheat

Last year, in most parts of Shandong, especially in the Zibo region, winter wheat emerged large-scale prosperous periods before winter, laying a hidden danger for winter wheat safe winter. Fortunately, long periods of relatively strong cold weather did not occur in winter, so that there wa

Winter wood and foliage plant management

The foliage plants are prolific in tropical and subtropical regions, and their growth temperature needs to be maintained at about 25°C. In regions where the four seasons change significantly, cold winters cause plants to freeze or wilt inside and out due to low temperatures. In order to

Piglet infrared heat preservation

1, suitable temperature piglets. 1-7 days old, 32°C-28°C; 8-30 days old, 28°C-25°C; 31-60 days old, 25°C-22°C.

2, infrared insulation facilities. There are two kinds of simple facilities: First, incubators. At the corner of the sow's production circle, a woode

Transplanting Cotton Seedlings and Countermeasures

The type of stiff seedlings. The first is the flooding of young seedlings. This is the most common form of a kind of stiff seedling. It is commonly found in low-lying cotton fields or low-lying areas of cotton fields. Long-term overcast and rainy weather will result in clear water damage,

Pepper processing method

First, bean paste hot sauce: Weigh 10 kg of fresh pepper, 10 kg of bean paste, 500 grams of salt. Wash the peppers, remove the handles, chop them, stir in the jar with salt and bean paste. Turn over 1-2 times a day. Serve after 15 days. Its color is fresh and delicious.

Second, chi

Transplanting big trees over the summer management

At present, the construction of urban gardens and the construction of fast-track roads, the direct transplantation of large trees has become quite common, which has led to a sharp increase in the number of large-scale nursery stocks for seedling producers. No matter whether it is a tree pl

How to prevent soybean root rot

1. Use resistant varieties.

2. Rotate with non-host crops such as corn, millet and sweet potatoes.

3. When sowing, farm manure, potash fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, etc. are added.

4. Seed cream granules when sowing, so that the root absorption of soybean can pr

Apple Flower Management Points

1. Artificially-assisted pollination Artificially-assisted pollination is an important measure to overcome the abnormal weather of apple flowering, insufficient number of supplementary pollination trees, or improper configuration and increase the fruit setting rate. (1) The pollinating tre