Prevention and cure of three diseases of grape

Among the 30 diseases that we already know about grapes, the incidence of blackpox, anthrax, and white rot is the greatest. They all endanger the results of the grapes. The time is from July to August. When they are serious, they can affect the quality of the grapes and reduce the yield of

Agricultural tricycle clutch troubleshooting

One, clutch slip

1. Failure phenomenon The power of the tricycle is obviously insufficient. The low gear is difficult to start and the heavy load cannot start. The engine remains stable.

2, the cause of the failure and exclusion (1) friction surface oil, causing slipping. T

Using Chemicals to Prevent Early Rice Infestation

During the early rice raising period, the temperature fluctuates and the cold wave activity is frequent. This varied weather is not conducive to the emergence and growth of dry seedlings. In the field environment of the early rice seedlings, it is easy to produce a variety of seedbed diseases

Dried apple processing method

Select good quality ripe apples, washed and peeled to the heart, cut into thin slices about 6 mm thick, quickly put in 3% salt water to protect against oxidation. Then, remove and drench the water, string or other forms, smoked sulfur for 1 hour (using sulfur as the sulfur in the room as 0.4%

Raising pigs to save the material to put a good five clearance

At present, the relatively easy problem in pig production is to pay attention only to the nutritional level per kg of feed and not to the daily feed amount of feed. Although diets are formulated in strict accordance with their required nutritional levels, due to the fact that the daily feed am

Cucumber Bacterial Kerb Disease Control Technology

It is understood that the greenhouse cucumber that has entered the flowering stage has bacterial bacterial leaf spot disease and must be controlled in time.
The suitable temperature for the occurrence of cucumber bacterial angular spot is 25°C-28°C. Due to the warmer climate in earl

Warm winter crab increased crabs mostly lost money

Recently, some residents of Hangzhou discovered a pile of dead crabs at their doorstep. Some speculated that these dead crabs were thrown by crab farmers. In fact, dead crabs can be found everywhere in the trash cans of the local aquatic market. The dead crabs revealed a market signal - the bo

Greenhouse Nectarine High Yield "Seven-character Scriptures"

Solar greenhouse nectarine planting buds in the spring, the results can be achieved in the following year, but often there is no phenomenon of high yield in the following year. After several years of production practice and scientific experiments, we have explored the “Seven-character Cl

Greenhouse precautions against B

The distribution of type B SBPH is closely related to the greenhouse. The farther away from the greenhouse concentration zone is, the lower its density is. The worm can reproduce in the greenhouse throughout the year, and no overwintering status was found in the open season in winter. It is th

Smile breeding and cultivation

Smiles, also known as banana blossoms and smiling flowers, are half-opened when the flowers are open, often drooping, and look like smiling and non-smiling. They are famous garden ornamental flowers in China.

First, the breeding method is mainly based on cuttings, but it can also be grafte

Spring tube, day lily, three

After the spring began, the temperature gradually increased and the daylily was buried in the soil. The leaf buds on the short shortening stems began to sprout, giving birth to spring seedlings. Under normal circumstances, the spring seedlings are the basic seedlings that determine the annual

Cultivation Techniques of Wild Vegetable Clams

Daxie is also known as a large spiny mushroom, a thorny cover, a hedgehog dish, and a chrysanthemum. Asteraceae is a perennial erect herb. Throughout China's Yangtze River basin and the north and south provinces, North Korea and Japan also have distribution. Fresh seedlings and young leave