Mixing ratio of Agaricus bisporus and precautions in production

A, Agaricus compost ratio. In 2003, Wangdu County vigorously developed the cultivation of Agaricus bisporus, and the Technical Bureau of Agriculture Bureau was responsible for the technical guidance of the Agaricus bisporus in the whole county. During the technical guidance in the countryside,

Healthy Water Quality Control Technology of Shrimp

First, the quality of water before the release of shrimp cultivation Shrimp Chiqingchi disinfection into the filtered seawater, the shrimp pool water level of 1 meters to 1.2 meters, and then seal the sterilized. Can be used "fish safety" or "strong chlorine" 2ppm ~ 3ppm or

Citrus winter management points

After the citrus fruit was harvested, the tree body consumed a lot of nutrients and needed nutrients to restore the tree vigor. At the same time, winter was also a critical period for the differentiation of citrus flower buds and wintering of diseases and insects. Therefore, strengthening wint

Sex Prolong Spray

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New value-added process for potato food processing

1. Potato sauce The main components of potato are starch, water, a small amount of protein and fat. Wash the potatoes first, remove rotting and sprouting parts, then shave off the skin, steam it in the steamer, and spread it out in the cage. Then use a sieve to sieve evenly mashed potatoes. Pu

Several kinds of greenhouse operation new equipment

1. Self-propelled rotary cultivator is produced by Harbin Lixin Agricultural Engineering Institute of Heilongjiang Province. The machine is suitable for rotary tillage operations in orchards, greenhouses and intercropping lands. The power is 2.6kW, the productivity is 0.09hm2/h, the working wi

Cultivation of snails

The snail is thick and nutritious, and it is a very good bait after shattering. Field snails have been heavily cultured in Japan. Because the method of breeding snails is simple, the disease is small, and the source of seedlings is easy, it can be kept in the family. The two genera of the snai

Rabbit winter feeding management

In winter, the temperature is low, the sunshine time is short, and the lack of green feed makes it difficult to raise rabbits. The focus of winter feeding and management is to do a good job of cold insulation and winter winter breeding. Doing well in cold insulation In winter, the temperature