Sweetcorn crispy stalk rot rot control measures

Sweet and crisp corn Kupu has the characteristics of wide adaptability, large size, and good market. It began to grow in large areas in some parts of Tonghai County. In recent years, stalk rot occurred in individual places. Prevention makes a point of view:

Stalk rot, commonly known as rot disease, is a disease caused by bacteria. The initial stage of the disease was at the time of a large bell mouth that was 50-60 cm tall. The diseased part was located at the bottom of the bell mouth more than 40 cm above the ground. In the early stage, the leaf sheath was spotted with water-stained irregular patches. It was a little like the initial stage of sheath blight. After expanding, it penetrated into the internal tissues, causing the base leaves to rot and shrink and showing dark brown or brown color. The upper part of the sheath was dead and the diseased tissue was black. Brown mucus, bad smell.

Control methods:

1, agricultural control. Reasonable fertilization, reasonable matching of N, P and K; timely removal of diseased plants, stripping of diseased leaf sheaths; watering as needed and maintaining gutter drainage; reasonable close planting to reduce field temperature.

2, chemical control. With 10 million units of streptomycin sulfate, 25% Ye Ling Ling, 20% Ye Huojing wettable powder plus 60% of toxic copper, Ruiduomycetes, Ruidudu copper or thiazolycin MnZn wettable powder and other products 600 times liquid spray control in the bell stage.

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