State Food and Drug Administration requires phthalates to be banned from health foods

Requiring the substitution of other plasticizers, substances that trigger the turbulence of plasticizers in Taiwan; the Ministry of Health has included phthalates as non-edible substances and foods that may be illegally added in foods and abuse-prone foods. List of Additives [] (Reporter Wang Su) The State Food and Drug Administration recently issued a notice requesting that health food products be banned from phthalate esters and replaced with other plasticizers. Phthalate esters, substances that cause disturbances in Taiwan's plasticizers, are believed to interfere with human hormones and other effects.

The State Food and Drug Administration requires that if the formula contains phthalate esters, the applicant shall apply for the use of triethyl citrate, triacetin or other substances that comply with the relevant regulations in place of the phthalates. , Or apply for removing phthalates from the formula.

In June, the Ministry of Health had included phthalates in the list of non-edible substances and food additives that could be abused in foods. The National Food and Drug Administration also called for the suspension of the production and sale of health foods containing phthalates in the formula.

According to the analysis of scientific squirrel associations, existing studies have shown that phthalates have weaker estrogen-like effects, hepatotoxicity, and nephrotoxicity, as well as some unconfirmed potential hazards, including the possibility of causing cellular metabolic disorders and causing Cardiovascular disorders, carcinogenic and so on.

However, the toxicity of phthalic acid esters is very small. The World Health Organization and the European Union believe that adults weighing 60 kg per day are safe to consume 1.5 mg and 3.0 mg of DEHP. Whether it causes harm to health or not, dosage is the key.

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