August Orchid Management Techniques

Actively respond to the "Autumn Tiger" and prevent the heatstroke from cooling off. Although there are two solar terms for the beginning of the month and the summer heat, the monthly average temperature is similar to that of the previous month. The weather is very hot and it is t

Livestock and poultry limited feeding cake

Cake by-product processing by-products are rich in protein, high in nutritional value, and are good sources of livestock and poultry protein feed. However, the raw materials of cakes and pans usually contain some anti-nutritional factors and toxins, and in practical use, they must pay attentio

New drug launch costs high US study of existing drug use

According to a recent report by the American Physicists Organization Network, US scientists have used computers and genomic information for the first time to find new uses for existing drugs. For example, they found that drugs used to treat ulcers and seizures

Piglet diets have good organic acids

The addition of organic acids to the diet of piglets is very effective in promoting the growth and development of piglets, anti-stress and disease prevention. The following is a brief introduction of the role and effect of some organic acids in pig production and reference for pig farmers.

Blue Eye Chrysanthemum Cultivation Management Technology

The genus Perilla is a perennial herbaceous or semi-shrub flower, which is a new species of flower that has emerged in the domestic landscape gardening market in recent years. Because most varieties have a blue flower heart and the traits are blue eyes, they are named. About 50 species belong

Medicinal food dual raw material cargo price

Due to the increasing popularity of traditional Chinese medicine and health care products on the market in recent years, and the increasing popularity of the concept of “therapeutics”, Chinese herbal medicines for medicinal and food use have become

Watermelon grafting technology

First, the stock culture
1, scaffolding. In the early spring, the weather is changeable and the middle shed can effectively regulate the temperature and humidity. Use a bamboo strip to take a scaffold that is 5 meters wide and about 2 meters high at the top of the arc. Put on 8 to 8 m

Identification of Adulterated Spray Plasma Protein Powder

Spray dried plasma protein powder has different quality due to different processing techniques. Due to the high price, there are often adulterated products. The following points are for reference when purchasing:

1. Appearance color: When plasma protein powder is produced, the colo

New progress in research on self-repairing man-made materials

To imitate the self-healing process of biological bones, the researchers introduced a channel system into fiber-reinforced polymer composites, and repaired damaged parts by injecting resin. The compressive strength of the repaired composite can reach 97% befor

Glyphosate can control the soybean field dodder

Cuscuta is a kind of parasitic weed on soybeans, and its production is usually controlled by acetochlor and secudine (which can also be used in the soybean growing period) before seedling sowing, but the effect is not ideal. Practice has proved that using glyphosate to control the effect o